Sunday, September 16, 2007

Shout Out

Mailing letters in the "big mailbox by McDonalds"

A rousing game of "Rock Em, Sock Em Robots"

Just had to dedicate a BLOG entry to Art & Maureen...aka "Reen." They were truly lifesavers the past few weeks...again! (They also came for 2 weeks last October when Kate 1st came home from her 1st surgery) They drove all the way from North Carolina...just for the sole purpose of watching Seth...and boy did they treat him right! That boy was so loved...and so lucky in the things they did for him and with him.

He is still talking about some of the things he did with Art and "Reen." And...he has a new saying: "I'm sparkling a shiny new penny."

What a relief to be able to focus our attention on Kate and know that Seth was in such wonderful, giving, loving hands while Andy was at work or in Indy. I'm just so sad I personally didn't get much more time with them...just an hour or so at our homecoming and a few minute goodbye on Saturday. I have known them ever since I can remember and Thanksgiving is a tradition with Art, Reen and their many memories.

We miss you Art & Reen...come back soon! You have truly been a blessing...Seth adores you...and so do the rest of us!

Maureen lovin' on Kate...she only got a few minutes when Kate came home.

Art and Seth at the zoo...What fun was had there...especially when they just happened to run into Elijah, Lucas, Aunt Amy & Uncle Doug!


Anonymous said...

What a blessing to all of us to have friends like Art & "Reen". And we won't forget Gayle who spent time with Krista in Indy and all the other wonderful friends who have or are stepping up to assist us all. Nana

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words.We are back at home in North Carolina and missing all of you. It seems very quiet here. Seth is a wonderful little boy and we love him dearly. We wish we could have had more time with Kate, "The Princess of Westwind." It was a happy day for us to see the four of you home together before we left.
Love and hugs, Art and Reen