Monday, September 24, 2007

So Close

Kate was so close to hitting 18lbs today at our weekly trip to see our trusty pediatrician, Dr. Jim. 17lb 15 1/2 oz! I am estactic because that means over 6 ounces gained this week...even with our hospital trip and vomiting episodes! I was even more thrilled when Dr. Jim said it was probably legitimate weight gain as she had no signs of fluid retention! It makes all those nights of feeding and frustration when she doesn't eat so less overwhelming and consuming!

Otherwise...she looked good to Dr. Jim. He was (and is) always very encouraging and we both left there today optimistic about Kate's future. We know she will always have heart issues...but maybe, by the grace of God...she will pull through this...just as she has proven to pull through so many things before. Kate is still a mystery and there are a lot of unknowns, especially with her hypertension in her lungs...but she is a fighter.

We also got the call from Indy Cardiology and they told us we should we receive an appointment call from UofM tomorrow! Sounds like they really want to look into the tricuspid valve leakage and see if if/when it is worthy of repair/replacement.

Otherwise a good day. Kate hasn't slept much...a total of 4 hours since 11:30 last night! Dr. Jim says she may be having feelings of anxiety with the heart failure...or she is just a social queen and doesn't want to miss out! I have made it so far through the day thanks to lots of help! I am so grateful to everyone who comes and helps with Seth and keeps him happy and occupied while I tend to Miss Needy! Thanks today to Miss Gloria, Miss Jane and Nana! I'm afraid of the days when Seth is stuck with just me...he'll probably be so bored!

We're off to dinner with Nana...she and Seth have been cooking dinner while we were at the doctor. It was I told Seth we were taking Kate to the doctor. He asked if she was sick again. I said, No...we just want to make sure she doesn't get sick so we can all stay home. His reply....YIPPEE!!


Melissa said...

What a little porker she is becoming! Glad things look good! Keeping you all in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

There is no situation too small to Celebrate with the Power of Gratitude.

Congratulations, Layman Tag Team, you're right at the cusp of another important milestone.

"Eighteen Pounds, Here Comes Kate!"

--Hugs, Susan

Deanna said...

So thankful to hear the great report!!! :) What a sweetie!

Wow, that's not much sleep though! Hang in there!!! My vote: as a middle child myself who can't stand to miss anything, I'm guessing that she is practicing up in case SOMEDAY she might be a middle child, too!!! HA, HA!!!! Love and hugs, my friend!!!

Anne said...

So glad to read a good report! Keep those coming :-)
I know I don't know you guys, but I feel like I do with these great entries! I always look forward to reading what has happened in your day and am blessed by your faith in our Awesome God. Blessings to you all.

Anonymous said...

Hi all, so happy to hear your good news. I am praying that all goes well with the UofM appointment. Glad Kate is gaining weight, lots of love going your way.

Love, Fran

Adam said...

As a double heart valve replacement patient, I wish you both lots of love and support!

All the best!

Dang. 18 Pounds!!!

Heart Valve Surgery