Monday, September 3, 2007

Sweet Sweet Corn

It'll be 6 weeks tomorrow that we've basically been living in the hospital..minus 2 1/2 days at home in the middle. I've definitely done my share of eating...somedays it feels like it is all I do. I always wish I was one of those who didn't eat when they were stressed. The cafeteria food has been decent...on the weekdays... and we have tasted almost every restaurant on a 1 mile strip of 86th Street for suppers and the weekends. I've had some pretty good food...and some not so great food....but nothing compared to the wonderful sweet corn we had tonight...on the back porch!

I have been craving good sweet corn on the cob. Seth and I went to the "tent" and he picked out a few ears today. He even shucked them...I am always amazed at how helpful he can be. It was a wonderful evening to have grilled steak and veges and the corn. It hit the spot!
He was having fun....really he was. How dare I interrupt his "work" with a photo shoot?

It's been great being home for a few days and getting Seth ready for school. At this point, he thinks I am going with and STAYING with him. HMMM? We'll see how that turns out. We've had some great family time at the pool, at the park and just hanging out. We miss Kate desperately, but know she is in good hands. Thanks Nana for keeping us all updated.

I have a few more projects to finish this evening. Andy is busy getting ready to go back to school tomorrow.
Things sound like they are going well in Indy...and maybe, maybe...fingers crossed...we might be home sooner than a month. No rushing things...but she definitely looks, acts, and eats better than she ever has. I'm anxious to hear a "plan" from the cardiologists on Wednesday.


Melissa said...

So glad you are enjoying your time at home. Enjoy Seth's first day of school today, take the kleenex! That first day was the hardest on Mommy, Joshua didn't care! Take care and we'll see you soon!

Anonymous said...

All of those photos are absolutely the most PRECIOUS things to see first thing in the am. Seth is such a bif boy and Kate is a shining STAR. Her smile could warm the ARTIC.....And it appears some prayers are being answered with her recovery. Thank you for a great report this am......Have agood week and good luckwith Seth this am.....J and L

Deanna said...

Thinking about you ALL today! Hope that Seth's first day of preschool is WONDERFUL.... for Seth AND for mommy, too!!!

Hugs to you!

(just a note.... I saw that you got another one of those dumb spam comments.... I THINK that if you add the word verification feature like I have on my blog, it may prevent the problem! It might be worth a try!)