Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tag Team: Grandma & Pampaw

Silly Pampaw playing peek-a-boo with Kate

The pass-off of Kate has continued. This morning...the pass was made from Nana to Grandma & Pampaw. How awesome to have such wonderful grandparents spend such quality time with Kate. Kate was obviously spoiled today by lots of icecream from Pampaw and story time from Grandma.

Reading stories and playing "tickle monster"

I came back around 7 to find Kate in pretty good spirits. It is so wonderful to see that IV out of her left arm and the ability for Kate to utilize that hand again. She is really smiley....and still just chomping down on that paci....those teeth have got to be almost in. Rumor has it that we will be moving upstairs tomorrow....a great sign that we are getting better and on our way home...but we will definitely miss all of our great friends down here in the PICU. I will keep you all informed tomorrow as I found out the news.
It was great to get home and spend time with Seth and Andy....what was even better was knowing that Kate was in such great hands....thanks to the grandparents for lovin' on our Kate.