Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Terrific Tuesday

So...another pretty good day around here at the Layman house!

Night Nurse Nana came again to take care of Kate and do the feedings! I got a good 7 hours and wouldn't you know it that the little Misses behaved herself and slept all night for Nana..minus a 1:30 a.m. feeding. I'm so grateful to Nana for doing that and letting me get caught up! Also, she came back to watch Kate while I took Seth to school and ran a few errands! Also...my laundry gal, Gayle, was here for a bit today to get me all caught up! I couldn't do it without ALL of my helpers!

Seth was back at preschool today...with not a whole lot of mention of the "fire". I am having so much fun doing the mommy thing and dropping him off and picking him up! I've only done it 3 times...so it is still fun and new for me! Seth seems to be adjusting really well...and if we really really pry...we can get a little bit of info out of him regarding what he did at school each day.

Kate had a really really good day. Her appetite continues to pick up! YEAH! In fact, tonight she even gnawed on some pizza crust...that is a big step because for a couple weeks now, she hasn't wanted much to do with "real food!" She is keeping her food down and her attitude and energy level continue to get better! She is still breathing hard..but we think she must be feeling much better just based on her actions and attitude.

Everyone knock on wood...we have a little over an hour left and I think we have made it through a Tuesday! Both times we headed back were on a Tuesday...so we are looking forward to our 1st Wednesday in Ft. Wayne since July 18! WOW!

So... all is well and back into somewhat of a routine. We are STILL waiting on the call from U of M...but they must have our info because the billing people have already called regarding insurance. We will call tomorrow to get some definites. I seem to be spending a lot of time on the phone with various insurance companies and medical providers getting everything straight...that whole aspect of all of this is CRAZY!

A couple pictures of Kate and her pizza! We just got a new camera...and we are still trying to figure it out...hence the blurriness and strange color... SORRY!


Anonymous said...

You MADE IT -- it's officially Wednesday now, and all is well.


Chalk up another small step in the right direction. :)

--Hugs, Susan

Melissa said...

Yeah, you're still home! Better stay there because of right now, there is not a bed to be had in the PICU! Pretty sad when the billing people call before the appointment people! ;o) Guess they have their priorities huh? Gotta love the medical community. So glad that she is eating well and feeling well. Take care!