Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Way of Life

So...I guess ER's, Critical Care Transports and ICU Rooms will be a way of life for us....since tonight we have experienced all 3 again! Yes...we are back in Indy....after a trip to Lutheran ER and an ambulance ride back to St. V's.

Kate is okay...she just had a really bad day "throw up wise"...add that she was breathing a little heavier, slept alot and wasn't too excited about eating...we made a call down to her cardiologists. He thought it would be a good idea to have her seen...and we agreed. We just don't know how much leeway to give her....She was by no means as bad as "last time"...but we aren't taking any chances with her!

So...after a couple hours and tests at Lutheran, we were given the okay to take her home and drive her down in the morning, or they would go ahead and transport her tonight...we opted for the later since neither of us need the extra stress of driving Kate to Indy.

So...Kate and I are in Room 11. The intensivist is not alarmed...he is glad we brought her in when we did....either it is nothing and we will be home in a day or two...or she will get worse and then they will be able to reevaluate things.

So....Kate is stable...sleeping away so peacefully. I'm sure we'll have a day of cardiology tests and talks. I am going to try and get some sleep (HA HA). Andy will be down later this morning. I will keep you all informed...keep us in your's been a very long night!


Anonymous said...

Krista, Just before I read your blog this morning I was thinking, I'll give them a few more days at home and then I'll call just to see what I could do to help you.

So sorry to hear that Kate had a set back but glad you were able to get her to Indy rather quickly.

I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers as always.

God's blessings, Linda Creek

Anonymous said...

Oh for heaven sakes...what a shock again to all of you. But glad you are there to see what can be done. Prayers and thoughts are coming you way kids....John and Linda

Anonymous said...

Hey KK,

Let me know if you'd like for me to pop by the hospital later ... my car can drive itself to St. V's now!


Melissa said...

Oh my Krista. I'm sorry. I was at work yesterday, touring potential nurses and used empty room 11 all evening for my tours! Funny how quickly things can change. Glad to hear she isn't as bad as last time, and glad that she's back with us in case something serious was going to happen. Take care and keep in touch!

Samantha said...

We will certainly keep you in our prayers. Tell that sweet little girl to get better fast :)

Heart Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Dear Krista and Andy,

What a Blessing that your "Parent Radar" is so finely attuned you got Kate the help she needed pronto!

Keep on Keeping On. There's Lots of Love and Prayers headed your way.

--Hugs, Susan

Judy Davis said...

Dear Krista, I was getting ready to see you at Curves!
Poor Kate, this is probably no fun for her either.
Just to remind you to trust in God. He has the right answers even though we think otherwise. May Kate get stronger!!
Love, Judy & Charlie

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Krista, I picked up the phone to call you this morning to see if you wanted to go to the zoo with us but realized we wouldn't have enough time before Seth had to be at school. I can't believe that you're back there again! :(
I guess you really have to trust your instincts with Kate's health; I'm sure she's getting the care she needs there at St. Vincents - but how inconvenient for you, Andy, and Seth. Kate doesn't deserve to be in the hospital all the time, poor baby! Let me know if there is anything I can do here. Gina

Fran A. said...

Dear Krista,

You all were in my thoughts this morning early as I was up and about and I said a prayer for you and decided to check in on your blog. I am sorry to hear of the recent setback with Kate and hope and pray things are better.

I keep you and your sweet little family lifted in my prayers and I pray God's healing, mercy and strength (and peace at eveningtimes so you can rest).
Just wanted you to know I keep you in thoughts and prayers.
Fran A.