Friday, September 14, 2007

We're Waiting!

It's 1:30 and here we sit waiting...waiting...waiting...waiting for final discharge orders and the portable oxygen to get here. I have just put a bug in our nurses ear and she is "on it!" Silly us to think we would get out of here this morning. I all better be before rush hour picks up!

She had an echo this morning...doesn't look like there is much change...YET! The cardiologist today expressed concern about her residual VSD and his opinion is that it will should be fixed sooner than later...not soon enough to hold discharge, but possibly in the next few months. We by no means want to put her (or us) through another surgery right now. More than ever, we are anxious to get a report from Ann Arbor to hear what they think. We know we have a long long road ahead...but right now, we just want to get Kate home and enjoy the time we have.

Christie is here now to go over meds with us...hopefully soon we'll be out of here...the wagon is loaded and we're ready!

Kate and our favorite Chaplain...Julie. She has prayed lots for Kate and us!

Kate and daddy....getting in a quick nap before the ride home!

Love to all


Melissa said...

Safe travels, praying you avoided rush hour! God bless you all and keep us posted on the blog! You know I'll check in 10 times a day, thinking you have time to post frequently! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Dancin' yeah, dancin' yeah! Whew, what a for a little piece of 'home'! Sending our good wishes for safe travel and great sleep in your own bed! Please let us know when we can stop in for a quick visit!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi KK,

I know you'll enjoy your first night back home again in your own bed, own shower, eating your own food, etc. Enjoy it!!!

I'll give you some time to settle back into life in "The Fort" and will call you in a few days.

Mira :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the Fort! It is such good news to her that your family is going to be back together at home again. Praying that being home will be"good medicine" for Kate and that you will all experience supernatural rest and peace as you get settled in to the home routine. We'll check in soon to see how we can help.
Dennis and Carol

Anonymous said...

i will put a good word to the man above. God bless y'all.

edd in tennessee

Melissa said...

You'll be happy to hear Kate's bed is already filled! She has to stay home and be very healthy! God bless you all.