Monday, October 1, 2007


There is a lot of this around our house....why, you might ask! Well, let me tell you!

1. Anticipation of our trip to UofM for a 2nd opinion. We finally got the scheduling call today and we are scheduled to go on October 23-24. Kate will have routine EKG, echo...and all the normal clinic work on Tuesday...then she will have a heart catherization on Wednesday. We figured we wouldn't be able to get it scheduled for this upcoming weekend...a few weeks out is okay with us as it will give Kate more time to get stronger and PRAYERFULLY have her arteries grow. There are a lot of unknowns about this trip...a whole new place with all new doctors...but we will wait with anticipation.

2. Anticipation about Kate's weekly weight checks with our trusty pediatrician. We went today...and Kate was only up 1/2 ounce...Yeah...1/2 ounce. That isn't very much at all. She is now officially 18 lbs. I am bummin about it as she has a really really good week...but Dr. Jim said was not too worried as she had such a good gain last week. we anticipate another great week and PRAYERFULLY a weight gain this next week. Otherwise..he thought she looked signs of fluid build-up. She had her 15 month check-up which included 2 vaccinations and her flu shot! She was quite the trooper! She has steadily grown in all areas...weight, length and head-size since her 12 month check-up...not a lot, but considering all she has been through, Dr. Jim was okay with her growth chart! So we wait with anticipation for next Monday and the moment we lay her on the scale!

3. Anticipation in regards to sleeping tonight in our NEW BED! Yes...Andy and I went bed shopping tonight as our bed was shot! Note: Don't buy a bed from a man in an abandoned warehouse...whose number you got off of a telephone pole! I know...pretty stupid...we were just trying to be frugal! we have a new genuine real mattress and I am pretty excited about tyring it out PRAYERFULLY...Kate will sleep tonight and I will be in wonderful Lala Land for several hours.....and I'm anticipation of sure bliss!


Melissa said...

1/2 ounce is a 1/2 ounce, gain not a loss! We'll take anything! Glad you will be getting to Michigan in a few weeks and hopefully get the answers you are praying for. I'm sure they will take excellent care of you all as I've heard they are truly wonderful. As for the new mattress, what a small world. I am off this am to buy Gary and I a sleep number mattress. We've decided our 10 year old mattress just isn't doing it for us anymore and we have fallen in love with the sleep number. Happy anniversary to us! Take care!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see things going well for Kate and your family. It's great to see pictures of you enjoying family activities that you have had to wait for so long. Thank you for the picture card of Kate. It is on our frig. with our grandkid's pictures.
With love and prayers,
Carol M.