Saturday, October 6, 2007

Boredom Has Come!

Not too much new around these halls today! She has eaten fairly decent today...keeping everything down this afternoon/evening. She still has a little bit more to catch up to what she was doing last week...but she is making strong strides. She was a little cranky this afternoon...but after a major major (I mean change all the leads and wires) blowout...her spirits are much improved. No smiles yet...but she is purposely playing with toys and has all her tricks (waving, raspberries, How Big!) back. So we do see some improvement...not super fast...but is it ever with Miss Kate? I think Boredom has set in ....on all of us!

I guess our departure is dependent on her xray in the's looked about the same as the day as long as she can keep the fluid off her lungs...we should be in good shape. She has developed a cough today, but my "expertise" says that is good to get those lungs cleared out.

I got out a few hours today to run some errands...boy is it HOT! Is it still July and this past 2 month ordeal has just been a bad dream? I loose all sense of the the weather living in these freezing ICU rooms.

I'm a little sad we had to miss a wedding I was much looking forward to! Art and "Reen's" daughter got married today in Ann Arbor. They had worked so hard to make it possible for us to come and got sitters, rooms, etc! It would have been a fun weekend and a great opportunity to forget about these hospital days...but Miss Kate has other plans for us!
Congrats to Scott and Laura...we miss you and wish we could have celebrated with you! We thought of our "Prime Rib" dinner order as we feasted on Taco Bell! We just keep reminding ourselves...this season of our life will has just has to!

Well, our happy girl has turned fussy! Maybe we'll try another bottle and see if we can get her to sleep! Will post a few pictures later!


Melissa said...

Checked in on Kate tonight and sounds like that was one big blowout! Glad I missed out on that. But also glad that it made her feel better. Hoping you are back home again in your own beds tomorrow!