Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Cry Me A River

The tears have been flowing at the Layman household today! It's just been one of "those days".

We're hopin' that Kate's tears are just due to her shots yesterday. She has just been grumpy, irritable and moody today! She has thrown up again twice today...but I really feel it is due to the shots...if it continues...we'll go get her looked at...but it just makes sense that it is related to her shots. I've attached a picture of Kate...reenacting her shots yesterday!
As far as Mr. Seth...the trauma continued today as the fireman came to school for a visit today...I just hated to see him being drug out of the van...man does that boy have a grip! His teacher assured me that he calmed down soon. We're having that "to nap or not to nap" quandary again. He just gets really tired by the end of the day with no nap...I'm thinkin' we may have to go back to a short little afternoon nap! It's fine with me, as it will give me a break in the day...but might extend bedtime...the choices we have to make. It just breaks your heart when you continuously hear..."I want mommy" from the top of the stairs...the willpower it takes to be a mom!!!

So...another day with the kids...wouldn't trade it for anything...but at the same time...whew! It's a good thing I had a good night's sleep on my new mattress...which I just LOVE!


Anonymous said...

There's an old Serbian proverb that says,

"Be humble, for you are made of earth. Be noble, for you are made of stars."

Sounds like yesterday was a mixture of the two. Your mothering instincts are right on.

And congratulations on getting a good night's sleep. It is well deserved.

"Forward, Ho!"

--Hugs, Susan

Melissa said...

Gotta love those shots. We have the same reaction to those everytime! Hoping Kate is feeling better today and that Seth gets past his fear of fires. You are a strong mommy! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

That just breaks your heart to see her like that. But shots are good for you even thou they hurt. But she is looking great other wise. And that Seth is just like he should be....scared of the world that he is not sure of. But he will lick it. HE is also a strong boy. Take care and God Bless......John and Linda S

Anonymous said...


We're sending this comment from the Public Library in Ludington, MI. It's so nice to have high speed Internet here! Just wanted to let you know that while we are on vacation, you are never out of our minds and prayers.

We had a windstorm last night and a branch cut a hole through our RV's awning. We had a lot of trouble getting level on a hilly and sandy site the other night, but everytime we have frustrations, we just think of you and your family and they seem so unimportant!

Praying for more GOOD days with the kids!

Lou and Shirlie

Anonymous said...

Do you get PARENTING Magazine? If not flip through the Oct. edition next time you're at the dr. office.

The last page is a "letter" from a preschool teacher about the trip to the fire station. I thought of Seth when I read it!

Hope Kate feels better as the day goes on! Getting shots are NEVER fun!