Thursday, October 4, 2007

Down It Goes....Up It Comes

Well...things aren't staying down as much as we would like them to! She has had 2 bottles of Pedialtye...and 1 bottle of milk. The Pedialyte went over okay...she kept about 1/2 of those down...but not so much on the milk. I can almost feel her tummy contracting and pushing it back up! The poor thing....she wants to eat...appears hungry and interested...but just can't keep it down.

So...we don't know what to do...fortunately, the gagging and wrenching has pretty much stopped between feedings...but obviously, her heart is not strong enough to withstand days and days of vomiting and no nourishment. We're afraid we may be making a trip tomorrow either north or south. We are anxious to see how tonight goes, talk with the intensivist and cardiologists and get a feel for her status. It is so hard to sit her and watch her suffer.

We need lots of prayers that she will pop out of this and start on a fast road to recovery...I think she looks bad...and she is just so sleepy! I am getting ready to give her a bath...get her all clean...and maybe try some more Pedialtye to get her tummy used to stuff in it! Maybe that will perk her up a little!

Could this kid just once catch a break???

Seth is off for a few day stint at Grandma and Pampas...he has lots of yard work to do there and says he is going to be really really busy! What a sweet boy! Nana, the night nurse, is coming to stay with Kate tonight so I can get a good night's may be a long long day tomorrow!


Melissa said...

Trust your gut Krista! You have those mommy instincts that have never failed her yet. If you think she looks bad, vocalize that! Call me at work tonight if you need help! I picked up extra.