Friday, October 5, 2007

Getting Back to Old Tricks

Kate is slowly getting back to her old tricks...namely chewing on washcloths and waving "bye-bye"...especially to doctors. We have started her on baby food fruits again and whole milk....She is eating well, infact we have to almost stop her from eating too much...but some of it...not coming back up again. She is definitely doing better...but her stomach still isn't "right" yet!

We had our visit from our Indy Cardiologist, Dr. Parikh...what a treat to get such special treatment. He was actually pleased with her latest echo and saw some improvement in the amount of leakage with her tricuspid valve....that is a very good thing!!! He was comfortable with all her stats, xray (even better today than yesterday) and was fine with us leaving her here in the Fort! He said they would be doing nothing more in Indy than they are doing here. So, overall...a good report heart wise!

Her IV went bad this morning and they had to pull it...they are not putting a new one in yet to see if she can keep enough fluid in by herself....I'm glad they aren't too anxious to poke her again and again and again! So...the pressure is on to get fluids in and DOWN!!

So..we will probably be here through the weekend at least...depending on how fast SHE decides to get her act together and keep her food down. Local healthy visitors are welcome...if you are in the area!

Seth is lovin' life at grandma and's harvesting time in the giant corn field behind their he has lots of machines to watch. And...he and Pampa had to grease the mowers today cause they were squeaky! He's a busy busy boy.

Will update this evening...we're having a little bit of a hard time getting a good internet connection...we were definitely spoiled in that aspect at St. V!


Anonymous said...

So relieved to receive a good report about Kate. Sounds like she is on her way again. God bless!!


Anonymous said...

I was suprised to see Kate in the hospital again (since she wasn't here in Indy). I'm glad she is feeling better though and I hope she gets to come home soon. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you!
Mandy (from St.V's PICU) :)