Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Just when you thought.....

Everything was going so well....BAM!!!

Never a dull moment around with the Layman4! Kate continued to throw up at her 1am and 6am feeding. Mommy instinct told me....get her seen! So by 8:15 we were in the pediatrician office with Dr. Jim. (Wednesday is usually his day off..but he just happened to be in today doing physicals....Praise God!) She was continuing to dry heave throughout the morning. Her lungs were clear and liver was normal size...he did send us for a chest xray after that rigmarole...her xray should her blood vessels in her heart were enlarged...the very beginning stages of worsening failure...Dr. Jim contacted the cardiologists at St. V and they thought it would be a good idea to have her watched for 24 hours!

So...we are now experiencing life in the PICU at Lutheran Hospital! Andy had already made plans to take the day off (after she lost her 1am feeding!). So....after Gayle came to Seth rescue (again!)...Andy met me at FW Pediatrics and we drove Kate 20 minutes down 69 to Lutheran. She has been here about an hour and is stable! They are giving her some IV fluid and IV Lasix...and are getting ready to draw blood for all sorts of tests!

We don't know for sure what is going on with Kate: a flu bug, a reaction to her vacinnations/shots from Monday, heart issues, her DiGoxin (heart medicine) level might be too high...who knows with Kate??? Our goal is that she will get over this fast and we will be back home again! It is nice to know we are still in Ft. Wayne and can have dinner with Seth. They are doing a great job so far here at Lutheran in the PICU!

They are going to have the FW Pediatric Cardiologist come and look at her. He has seen her a couple times when we were in Lutheran after her 1st surgery. He will probably do an ECHO to see if there are any new heart issues! we wait again...wait for Kate to perk up and start eating again! We just wonder if this routine is going to continue and for how long....we did make it longer this time than before! It's frustrating, nerve racking and scary...Kate is just SO FRAGILE...the littlest thing sends her over the edge. Prayers are needed...God send us that miracle....NOW!


Sonja said...

Krista - I have commented before, but never left my name. I found your story through Deanna. My son is also a heart patient (although I will admit we have not had to go through anything compared to what you have gone through with Kate). If the cardiologist you are talking about is Dr. Ghazali, you are in great hands!! We love him! I will continue to pray for you and Kate. She has definitely "captured" my heart. Sending prayers directly to the Lutheran PICU (the staff is awesome there too!).

Anonymous said...

Hey KK,

Bet you could use a Cold Stone Creamery treat right about now, huh? Ice cream always seems to make things a little better. :)

I'm thinking about you and sending positive vibes your way!


Melissa said...

My prayers are going up again right now as my heart breaks that you guys just can't catch a break! I have many friends at Lutheran PICU, worked there 4 years before St. V's. Throw my name around and make sure they treat you well! Please keep posting and know you'll be in my thoughts and prayers!

Deanna said...

Know that our prayers are going up on your behalf. Praying that this will be a quick stay and that the doctors will get everything figured out so you can take your sweet babe back home soon.

Love you guys!