Thursday, October 4, 2007

Kickin' Up Her Feet!

Kate kickin' her feet up to relax! Gotta love Kate and her feet!

Kate and I had an okay night here as roommates in PICU Room 2. She was really gaggy and dry heaving a bunch through the is really hard to lay here next to her and listen to it without getting up to check on not the best night's sleep here on my little single fold-out futon!

This morning...the intensivist came in and told me her chest xray looked a lot better than yesterday...her lungs much more clear! Good news! But..she may have a small kidney/urine infection...but they started her on a broad spectrum antibiotic and that should cover it!

I've been given the go-ahead to try a little pedialyte...I'm a little nervous as she is still heaving...but our hope is that the pedialyte may settle her we're off to give it a try....I'lll be sure to cover myself with lots of towels first! Will let you know the outcome in a while.

Andy is home with Seth and will get the fun of taking him to school today!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Krista.

Hope the Pedialyte goes down easily and STAYS down!

Hugs for the trudge, Susan

Melissa said...

Sorry to hear she is still gaggy, hoping the the pedialyte stays in Kate and not on you!! Keep posting the updates!

Anonymous said...

Hope the pedialyte works so you and Kate can get a good nights sleep. Just so sorry to hear that she is back in the hospital.

I sure enjoyed my time with Seth on Monday. I'll try to schedule a day for next week if you need me. Anything I can do, just call. I'm good at running errands and shopping!

Keeping prayers going upward for blessings for all of you, Linda