Sunday, October 7, 2007

Let's Try It Again!

We are back home of about 12:30 dismissal! The doctor said she was doing no need to stay...even though she had a really really cranky night. She (We, I should say) hardly slept at all...finally getting in about 2 1/2 straight hours from 6:30-9am. She's keeping her food down...but is just cranky girl!

She ate a great bottle, and started smiling as soon as we got home...guess the little girl knows where she wants to be!

Our stay at home until our appt. in Michigan on the 23rd...we have to make it 2 weeks!
But, we have shown improvement each time:
1st time: home 3 days
2nd time: home 4 days
3rd time: home 12 days
4th time goal: 15 days! WE CAN DO IT!!

Thanks for all the back with you soon!


Anonymous said...

"Be it ever so humble, there's no place like Home!"

Welcome Back!!!

--Hugs, Susan

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear that you are home (hopefully until the 23rd.). There truly is no place like home!!

Ray and Karen B.

Melissa said...

So glad you are home and will sleep in your own bed tonight. I will be praying for her to be a much less fussy girl since she is home!

Anonymous said...

Hey Krista & Andy,
What a frustrating week again! Glad you're back in your own WONDERFUL beds tonight! We'll keep praying that she continues to improve. You know, Hope was always fussy in the hospital, and all smiles as we got in the van to leave. They've learned early, haven't they!

With Much Love, The Millington's

Deanna said...

Welcome home, dear ones! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

so glad you are home! i have been thinking of you guys! thanks for all of the updates!