Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Well...we failed our goal...Kate went back to the ER this morning. After her fever came back this morning..we called our trusty Dr. Jim and he told us to go ahead and take her in. All of her bloodwork has come back okay! Prayerfully, it is just a reoccurance of this virus she has been fighting. Her appetite and spirits are great...so that is a great thing. Just have a few minutes, as I am just home for a minute to get stuff and get organized...although, I am getting good at this ER packing! Will fill you all in more later...so for now...it's PICU room 6 at Lutheran!


Melissa said...

So sorry you weren't home long enough! Hoping that she is feeling better soon. Take care and will check in on you from Florida.

Anne said...

Praying for a super short PICU stay and back home again soon!

Anonymous said...

Krista, Just remember:
no mission is impossible for God!

I'll keep you all in my prayers as usual. Tell Kate to get well and get home so I can come see her again. (since she really enjoyed my last visit)

If you need help with errands..just call. Linda

Anonymous said...

Oh, shoot, Krista... I was so hoping this would be a lengthy stay at home. Sending good thoughts and prayers that this is a very short stay and you'll soon be back home! At least Kate is in good spirits! Warmly,