Saturday, October 6, 2007

My Tummy Hurts!

It's always's nothing major...but still! Kate appears to be having some cramping in her could be due to constipation issues or even the oral antibiotic she started receiving yesterday once her IV line was removed. She just doesn't appear comfortable. In fact, last night, her O2 stats were hanging out in the 80's and she appeared real restless...she spit up some curdled milk and her stats jumped back up into the upper 90's! It's just a crazy cycle!

She ate really well for me at 10pm and 1am keeping 4 oz of milk down both times....she's had a little more trouble with the 4:30am and 9am feedings...but like I mentioned...she just doesn't seem comfortable....I guess until her system gets used to the new medicine. She was a little perky this morning, but is now taking a nap.

At this point, I'd like to stay in through tomorrow...just to make sure these past two feedings don't become a trend. We haven't yet spoken with the intensivist or cardiologist to get their opinion. I don't feel like it is a major set-back...just a little scenic detour...Kate is fond of those!

So...we are trudge on....anxiously waiting to see what she takes and keeps down! Love to all!


Melissa said...

Scenic detour, I love your way of thinking! Great talking to you last night and hope you have a good night. Tell Shana I said hi!