Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Settled In....Again!

So...nothing is obvious with our little Princess. She is just a giant mystery. Her spirits are really good and her appetite is still better than it has been in over a month (and she is keeping it all down!) Her fever spiked again this afternoon, but gets under control with a Tylenol dosage. We are waiting on her cultures to grow...and they started her back on an antibiotic...just in case. Who knows if it is viral...and if is it the tailend of last week's or something new she caught in the meantime. But...it looks like we are here for at least a day or two...with her being so fragile, I guess they want to be careful...and the fact that we brought her back less than 48 hours after discharge....I guess we just panic...but it would have been a long day at home with her continuing to spike a fever.

Andy was in charge of Kate this afternoon while I picked up Seth from school and ran some errands....he did great with her and even had her dressed, diaper changed and fed! Way to go Daddy! He was great to take the day off again today to spend with me...it was especially nice this morning while we were doing the ER thing!

We did get some good news in the midst of our rotten day...we re-qualified financially for our supplemental insurance...Children With Special Health Care Needs thru the Dept. of Health. We were a little nervous because we were just on the financial cut-off line. In fact, the only reason we did make the cut-off was due to the fact that Andy wasn't able to do his summer job because of Kate's hospital stints and therefore our income decreased! God is in Charge and is looking out for us! This insurance is a Godsend as it covers all prescription co-pays (several $100 a month), office visit co-pays (those add up with our weekly trips to Dr. Jim and speciality appointments) and limited travel expenses...basically it picks up anything our primary insurance doesn't! She still needs to be approved medically...but for some reason I don't think that should be a problem!! So we have something to be thankful and grateful for today!

It is frustrating because she appears to be doing so well...its hard to know why we are in the hospital...but I guess until this fever gets under control...the extra monitoring is only helpful. They will start IV lasix again, since she has her IV for her antibiotics...I guess the IV stuff is just much more effective...we'll get those lungs all cleared out!

Have to give a special shout-out to Art and Reen again for coming to the rescue...Maureen stayed up all night with fussy baby so that I could get some solid, straight sleep! Wow...so glad I had some sleep so that I could tackle today. Then...Art and Reen stayed in town to watch Seth until schooltime! What a blessing to have them around today! They are on their way back to NC for a few weeks before driving back for our annual Thanksgiving Gala....love you guys!

Well...no computer assess in room 6...so we have to come downstairs..better head up to see if the princcess has awaken from her slumber!


Anonymous said...

"If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere." (Unknown)

Well, Laymans, you've negotiated more than your fair share of obstacles along this Journey and so let's just call the present bout a stepping stone on the way to Success! You recognized the signs of a problem, caught it early, intervened, and all of us here in Cyberland are hopeful that Kate's current setback will be temporary and quickly managed.

"Go, Kate, Go!"

--Hugs, Susan

Melissa said...

So sorry you're back there again, but better safe than sorry with a fragile little Kate. Rather see her be on antibiotics just in case and find out it's viral than to not treat her and have it be bacterial! Hang in there and I promise Christy and I will find someway to check in!!