Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kate, the social queen!

I went back this afternoon to find Kate sitting up in her bed...thoroughly enjoying her new room! Don't get too excited...we are still in the PCTU...but we have moved up closer to the nurses station and the hub-bub of the unit. She can look out her bed now and see lots of activity...she will love that. I'm thinking she might be doubled tonight (1 nurse/2 patients) I miss the one on one...but that is just a sign she is doing better.

They did a chest tap early early this morning...and mom and I found Kate much more comfortable this morning. Her numbers looked great...her O2 sats went from low 90's to upper 90's. But...we couldn't go without some excitement...around lunchtime, both her peripheral and central line IVs went bad. Luckily...they were just able to re-wire the central line and place an extra lumin in it...and didn't have to stick her again for an additional IV...So, in case you're wondering, currently Kate has:

1 central line in her groin for meds, fluids, etc
1 nasal cannula going at high flow--pushing the air into her lungs a little stronger
2 pacing wires...connected to her heart, but just taped to her chest and not in use
5 heart monitor stickers on her chest
1 O2 probe that travels from foot to foot to hand to hand
She only has 5 medicine pumps bedside: milrinone, morphine, ativan, insulin & one for meds (lasix) That is so much better than the 9-10 we have had. She also has a pump for a small amount of IV fluid and some IV lipids (fats)

But best of all...she has her paci and is almost up to goal taking her formula orally (most of the time...we tube it when she is sleeping.) She still appears jittery and anxious...and probably will be for a few days until she totally de-toxes. She desperately needs to cough and get some loose gunk out of her lungs that is just rattling around.

Mom left around 2ish...THANK YOU for spending the weekend with me! The boys are headed up tomorrow, so I just have tonight! I'm anxiously awaiting the 100th comment...only 10 to go...I know there must be 10 of you out there who haven't "signed in" yet! A wonderful church came to the RMH and made a wonderful dinner tonight...they were super was nice to have someone to talk to during dinner! Thanks Faith Covenant Church for the wonderful meal and fellowship!!

Well...shift change is over and I will go spend an hour or two with the princess! Love to all!


Melissa said...

Glad U of M has moved Kate to where she can keep up on all the gossip in the unit! We know she likes to be around all the action, if not in the middle of it! Glad they were able to give her some relief by tapping her chest and also that they were able to save her central line by just rewiring it! Prayers for a healthy and happy new year! I'll be working tonight (very busy unit, lots of very sick kids!) at midnight, but will say an extra little prayer for your family as the ball drops!

Lin said...

Dear Krista it was so good to meet withyou last night and talk about Kate. She is so precious and BEAUTIFUL ( I think those drs are crazy) and Seth could be a child model! I'm glad your family will be with you tonight. I'll be with some friends from church and we'll say a special prayer for Kate and your family as we ring in the new year. Keep looking to God for guidance and comfort. He never fails us. If there is anything I can do for you let me know. ( I'm not far from RMH. God Bless
Lin (Faith Covenant Church)


Anonymous said...

I'm tempted to go back to the other post so as to help you reach 100, but thought you might think that was "cheating" on the game since I had already posted there.

So good to hear the good news about Kate. Bless all your hearts with a deep joy as the new year comes in. Love & Prayers,
Ray & Mary H.

amy ruiz said...

HI Krista I am so glad you finally were able to hold Kate! I remember the waiting and the counting of days between holds and when you finally get to do it is so special and to describe it to someone else is so hard. Looking at your blog you were holding Kate he same time Calleigh was letting me hold her for longer than a few min. For the very first time she fell asleep in my arms. It makes me sad the little things we so often take for granted when you have a "normal" well child. Things are really put into perspective after you have a sick child. I hope you all had a great christmas. Prayers to all for an uneventful and wonderful New Year and that you all can be home together. Amy