Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Note From Nana

Hello All,
We did get to see precious Kate for a while this morning. She was rather anxious and the nurse, Krista and I all attribute it to two factors. One, she is going through some withdrawal as her sedation medications continue to be reduced. Secondly, the volume control on Kate's roommate's TV does not work and it is LOUD!!! He is 14 and was watching the cartoon channel. The cartoons were irritating enough but you all know what happens when the commercials come on. It was getting on everyone's nerves so I can imagine what it would be like to be going through some withdrawal, not feel well, and stuck in bed.
What a great Christmas present from all of you who have "participated in the game" and added a comment The first thing Krista and I do when we return to the room is check and see what everyone has to say. It certainly makes the time go faster.
Remember, the goal is 100 comments of a single post so if you have not yet posted, do not add your comment to this post - go back to the previous one. We don't want to have any penalty flags.
However, if you have already left a comment on the "Games" post feel free to leave a comment on any new post at any time. We love hearing from anyone, anywhere, anytime.
We are headed back to see Kate now that the shift change is over and we can get back in the room. Hope she got some rest. She should have a new roommate - preferably one who doesn't like cartoons.
Check back with all of you soon. We are almost halfway to the goal.
Nana & Krista(The Comment Junkies)


Kathy said...

Put some tape on the roomies' remote control to muffle the sound...(or tell the nurse to do it).
I hope you get a new roommate soon too!!!
Withdrawal babies are no took Isaac three weeks to get off all the narcotics and he was not a happy camper until he was all off. At least she's a cutie pie...who could get frustrated when they look at such a face!!! You guys are doing so good...especially being there through the holidays!

Melissa said...

Was reading the posts on the games post and when I started there were 37 listed and when I finished, 53. Gosh lots of people love you all! But we already knew that. I agree, tape or gauze over the remote control next door will help. You have the right to ask that! Hope you and Kate have a great night. We are thinking of you here in Indy!

Anonymous said...

I checked on you all the days I was in California. I have such admiration for the way both of you are coping with all of this and also with Larry's death. I'll continue to lift little Kate and all of you up in my prayers.]