Sunday, December 30, 2007

Peace & Quiet

Things have greatly calmed down in Kate's little corner of the PCTU. In fact, tonight she has the room all to herself, she is down at the end of the hallway...and the staff told me she deserves a quiet night of rest! YEAH...She soundly slept through our last visit and slept most of our afternoon visit. She was still a little anxious this she is still having de-tox issues.

As with Kate..there is always "something." is some "pleural effusion"--fluid around the outside of her lung, that has been there for a few days. It is significant of size (probably at least an ounce & half) and is causing some collapse of her right lung...and her blood gasses are getting slightly worse. So...they have stopped her feedings in anticipation of tapping her chest between midnight and 2am. It's overall a simple her some sedation, placing an IV type needle and drawing the fluid out through a syringe. As much as I hate more "procedures"---that seems like a lot of fluid for her tiny body to absorb...and anything to allow her breathing easier.

I'm so enjoying our little "game" today...thanks so much to everyone who has participated...your comments give me so much encouragement...In fact one of the other moms in the RMH told me today that it was good to see me smiling! That's because of YOU...and the encouragement you send through your comments...may seem silly to you..but they are HUGE to me! So...I think 70 is pretty darn good for a days worth...but if you haven't yet left a comment on the "game" post...maybe we can make 100 tomorrow!

I find it encouraging because scripture tells us in Matthew: "Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." What comfort to know that God is with us...we may not be together...but we are gathered together in "cyberspace...around a simple blogsite" and we can know that He is with us. What joy God must have to have so many believers, filled with the Holy Spirit, praying together for His will for Kate! And he tells us that if 2 or more agree...what about 100!!!!
Here's a few pictures from today....Enjoy !!

Mommy and a washcloth...doesn't get any better than this today!

Sitting up in bed...with just minimal support!


Kathy said...

Little angel!
I don't like the draining of fluid..yuck! Once again..she's doing what Isaac does. They didn't catch his fluid until we came we were able to use steroids for a week and it dried it up enough so we didn't have to get it drained. Glad the Miss Kate gets a better room and some good sleep. I love the picture of her sitting up...they are so weak, and they just look so darn cute trying to hold their little melons up!
You're doing great mama!
Thanks for all the updates!
We look forward to them as much as you look forward to our comments!

Anonymous said...

Kate looks like a sweet little angel sitting on your lap!
it is so good to see her again,sitting up!!
Yeah Kate!!
Prayers and love,
Marilyn from portland

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little girl! Great to see her sitting up and her mom holding her again.

The Portas said...

Sweet girl!

Good luck with the fluid draining. It will be just and out and done!

Great pics! You guys are doing a GREAT Job!

Kretsch said...

Hi Krista:
Merry Christmas to all of you and a truly blessed New Year. You guys sure have been through the wringer lately. Dave and I passed through Ft. Wayne on Friday coming back from Chicago where we were visiting our daughter Carrie and her husband and couldn't help but think about you guys. I guess it's been a while since I read your blog, becuase I didn't know Kate was in a hospital in MI. Wow, what a drive that must be for you all! Hopefully, Kate can have quieter night after getting the fluid drained. What great pics those were. Miss you! Hugs.
Linda K.

Melissa said...

Praying the the effusion is cleared up with the tap and that Kate rests easily tonight and her breathing and blood gases improve. She looks cozy in your arms!

Anonymous said...

We pray that all will go well with the draining procedure and that Kate will have a good night of rest. Also, we hope that Mom can get some rest tonight, too.

Ray & Mary H.