Thursday, December 27, 2007


So...Kate's still going! I wish her breathing was easier...but she has great "numbers" on her monitor and blood gasses. Her xray showed some collapsed lung areas and some fluid in her chest...but not enough to do anything invasive. She is slowly coming more and more alert...but as her nurse today phrased it: "She is still pretty stoned" Her pupils are pretty dilated and her arms are shaky...but she finds her paci and turns some pages in books I read to her.

They are still holding off her more time to rest. Tomorrow will be 48 they better start feeding my little girl! I get so grumpy when they don't feed her...but that will be the next big see how she tolerates the fluid.

It was great to visit with Art and Reen while they were in town for Christmas...thanks for coming and loving on us! Mom is coming back's pretty hard for me to be here by myself right now...probably just the let down from Christmas. Andy will come back in a few days with Seth again...but Seth is loving' being at home and playing with all his new toys! Andy is doing a great job with Seth at home! I feel bad about her driving back...but she just tells me: "Just like you'll do anything for your baby will I?" Thanks Nana!

Praying for progress everyday...even if it's small steps!


Anonymous said...

Hey KK!

I know you feel very much alone up in cold, snowy Ann Arbor, but just remember that there are TONS of blog readers who think about you and Kate all the time!!

Here's wishing you a great 2008 -- hang in there!!

Mira :)

Anonymous said...

Krista, I wish you didn't have to be alone right now. Know that we're with you in spirit, if that helps any! I'm sure you'll be missing Seth and Andy. Glad your mom will be back tomorrow to keep you company and give you a break.

Hope Kate comes out of her "stoned" state today and gets some feeds, both for her sake and your peace of mind. I'm praying today will be a great turn-around for her.

Love ya! Gina

Melissa said...

Stoned huh? Glad Kate is making progress, one baby step at a time! Hoping that they start feeding her today and that she tolerates it well!

Anonymous said...

We are back in Florida after a good flight. We so enjoyed our time with Kate and you and Andy and Seth, as well as all the Michigan Vollmers. Talked to Nana and she is on her way. What a great and loving Mom you have and she taught you well. Kate and Seth are so blessed to have you and Andy for parents. Take care and God bless-
Love and hugs,
Art & Reen