Thursday, January 3, 2008

Another rollar coaster day!

So, I've been "meaning" to type a post all day, as I have received updates from Nana. soon as I get ready...the news changes!'s again been one of those crazy days in the life of Kate.

We started the morning with a great report! She was doing well..sitting up, weaning off heart meds and had even gotten the go-ahead for apple juice! YEAH! Nana held her and things were on the upswing.

Then...I guess around 4-5ish...she started going downhill. Her bloodgas came back poor, she was real irritated...heartrate was real high! So...they upped her meds again, stopped her feeds (again!) and brought in the CPAP machine to put her on continuous positive airway pressure! That's when we got the call from Nana. We called the doctor and she told us that by this time, Kate was doing better, she wasn't critical and there was no need for us to rush down up to AA. In fact...they were seeing overall progress in her with these occasional setbacks. However...Andy and I begin making plans for me to get back tomorrow and for him to follow shortly after.

So...I go out for some much needed coffee with the girls....only to get a phone call later from Nana that Kate has "self-corrected" herself. Her heartrate came down (30 beats a minute)....she never had to go on CPAP and she was chewing on her washcloth and would get feeds again at midnight!

I's just plain crazy. My emotions are completely out of whack...we really don't know what to think and realize we can't even take it "day by day"....we have to take Kate almost "hour by hour" But...praise God she is stable and "all is well" for now! Seth was almost heartbroken when I told him I might have to leave more day of lovin' and playin' and one more night of bedtime tuckin' and kissin' will be great great medicine for me to get back at it this weekend.

As far as the rest of us...Andy had a busy, but productive day at school catching up and getting ready to go back next week! Seth and I had a great time at Crazy Pins (arcade and giant ball tent) with the cousins, Elijah and Lucas (and Aunt Amy too!) I just love it when those boys are together...they are so much fun! And as mentioned, I got some great conversation, fellowship, encouragement and laughs with my friends Melanee, Gina and Carrie! Thanks girls for the great medicine too!

So for all you prayer warriors out there...tomorrow's prayer! 48 hours of consistency with NO SETBACKS...I'd be thrilled with just 2 days of good news!


Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you tonight, Krista. Even after talking with you over coffee, I am so addicted to the blog I couldn't go to bed until you posted (that and the caffeine...)

Praying that Kate remains stable these next few days and gives you a little bit of a break from this roller coaster ride. You are one amazing mother and friend!

Keep on keeping on!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Krista -- So sorry to hear of all the drama. Kate never lets any of us get "complacent," that's for sure.

So I guess we need to focus on the series of miracles (large and small) that we have seen so far. Every smile and every hug is a reason for gratitude, a moment to treasure.

Each day, through your efforts, Kate touches the lives of countless others and is a part of the miracle of their lives. Thank you so much for sharing the "ups" and the "downs" of this journey. You are an honest, courageous and caring woman, wife and mother.

Showering All of You (you, too, Nana!) with Love and Hugs from this little corner of Pennsylvania. --Susan

The Portas said...

The ups and downs must have your emotions going in circles. I am very glad that she ended the day on an upswing! That's good news. We'll continue to pray for Kate, specifically for things to even out so that you CAN start taking it day by day, not hour by hour.

Prayers being sent your way!!

Jim & Karen said...

You got it -- prayers for all day Friday & Saturday of stability for Kate and the rest of you!
God bless little Katie.

Anne said...

So glad you were able to get some good girlfriend time! Sometimes that is the BEST medicine ever. Enjoy every minute you can with Seth, I'm sure he's super happy to have you home too. Praying that Kate is 2 really good days!

Samantha said...

First of all, I am so glad that you are able to spend some time away from the hospital with your family and friends...that is so great.

Of course I will continue to pray for Miss Kate for more uneventful days. I am sure that the ups and downs are just awful for you guys.

Big Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Dear Krista & Andy,

Isn't it wonderful to know that our God is in control even on this unpredictable roller coaster ride?!? May God bless your precious hours with Seth before you return to sweet Kate.

God Bless.
Ray & Mary H.

Anonymous said...

Krista, is sounds like your girl time was way overdue! Hang in there and keep us posted - as you always do.

Love, the Bells

Anonymous said...

Krista & Andy, Seth too,
The prayers will continue for Kate and for the rest of you. I know it is easy to say that Kate is in God's hands and His will will be done. But I do know how hard it is to let God compeletly take over. I am praying that you will be able to do so. God Bless you all. Our faith in God is what gets us through life. I really don't know how those without faith make it in life.
Hugs & Prayers
Sue M

Melissa said...

Definately a roller coaster ride for you all. I will continue to pray for consistent good news and that kate behaves herself and shares her mommy with Seth!

Vanessa said...

You sure are on a rollercoaster ride. I'm so glad you enjoyed your time with family and friends. I will be praying that Kate stays stable and over the next few days will show improvement. Your a strong momma, keep it up, she needs you.

Anonymous said...

Wow....what a crazy day for you guys. I am glad to hear that little Kate is stable again and doing okay. Prayers for 48 hours of stability!!

Kim Tinker

Anonymous said...

Hi Krista,
I found your site from Arianna's site. I have read most of your blog and I must say that you have had quite the journey! You are so blessed to have such a great support system. We have several things in common, first is location. I have a daughter who lives in MI and a sister who lives in Indy. The sister actually lives in Carmel. Another thing that we have in common is that we both have daughter's who have a heart defect as well as Digeorge Syndrome. Madison is almost three and although she has had her own journey she has certainly not had one as rocky as your little one. You can read up on her site if you would like to.
I will be adding your blog to my list of favorites and will pray that your little one surprises everyone and is home and doing well soon.
Take care,
Pam and Madison

Anonymous said...

Taking into consideration your situation, you and Andy are doing above normal emotionally and in the care/attention you give your children. You are simply great parents. As others have stated, I find myself laughing and crying while reading your blog. Kate is anything but boring. Little Miss Drama Queen could calm down a little!! (ha-ha)
Hope you have a very nice weekend in Michigan. We have one more Christmas this weekend with Kevin's mom.
Always thinking of you and praying for you all.
Love ya,
Tricia H.