Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Broadway Star!

Well...evidently Kate reads the blog (or has an inside connection) as she was obviously offended by one of my last posts when I referred to her dramas as "middle school caliber". This morning...she showed us all she is totally capable of starring in Broadway. So...sit down...but it has a happy ending.

So I get the phone call this morning at the RMH that they had to re-intubate Kate and I needed to come over so the doctors can speak with me. Wow! I jump in the shower...and head over within a few wait in a consultation room for about 15 minutes. Of course my mind is everywhere...did they push her feedings? Is she fluid overloaded? What happened so fast? comes the attending cardiologist and walks in smiling telling me she is doing GREAT! He proceeds to tell me that at morning rounds at 8 she was smiling and waving and looked great...but within the hour, her nurse came to get him as she was increasingly fussy and her heart was in some sort of funky rhythm. Well...she appeared they went ahead and intubated her and through a blood gas found out that her potassium was high....they gave her some bi-carbonate...she was "back to normal" within a few minutes.

He assured me that it wasn't a respitory or fluid issue...that it was an electrolyte issue and that is one of the "hazards" of ICU life where they are giving her IV medicine. They automatically replace her potassium when they give her lasix...and although they check her levels...they now know they need to check it a little more often. Plus...she was a little on the dry side (she needs more fluid) and that concentrated the levels in her blood...and messed up electrolytes can mess up the heart rhythm. Her rhythm is now fine and all her numbers look good.

When I walked in to see her...I commented on her drama abilities...whereupon...with a tube down her throat...she smiles and claps!! But...the good news is...I have time to write this post as I had to leave the room as they are taking the tube out! Yes...Kate only had the tube for about 4 hours. They want it out as soon as possible...something I am very glad about.

The doc was optimistic in her "turn-around" time and said that if she was really sick or if there were other issues...she would still be sick and not doing as well as she fast as she is.

Wow...another rollar coaster day. Luckily this was a short short ride...but I am so glad that Nana already had plans to come back today. Kate is completely stable...but it will be nice to have someone around tonight. Miss are are the energizer bunny!


Anonymous said...

You are making your dad old really fast. Love you both!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just talked to Nana on her way up. Glad the vent time was so short and Kate is doing well. Love and hugs,
Art & Reen

Anonymous said...

The Layman's are going to have a medical degree with all the medical terms you are given and then able to report in the blog. Glad Kate didn't have to have the vent in any longer today than she did, sorry she had to go through the trama of having it inserted though. Not a fun thing to go through. Nancy H. (SCS)

Anonymous said...

Glad that Kate bounced back so quickly and hope that she continues to progress. We hold you all in our hearts and prayers. We enjoyed your Dad's concert last night. May God continue to give you the strength to take such good care of your family.
Love and prayers,
Ron and Sherry

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...the electrolyte issue. I've actually been there myself a few times over the years. Miss Kate is so amazing! I love to hear that the docs are optimistic and that she is stable. Keep up the great work Kate!!

Kim Tinker

Anonymous said...

Kate truly is the most amazing little girl I've ever heard of. Bless her heart, she does seem to have something in common with the energizer bunny! Glad that Nana will be there to share the ups and downs with you. Of course, we hope and pray that from this day on it will be ups and ups ~ with little or no downs. God Bless!
Mary H.

Melissa said...

That little turkey, she can't go a day without major drama! So glad it was something as minor as her potassium and not a heart issue. Also glad her intubation time was so short. Praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Krista,
So glad your mom is coming up to keep you company.
So glad the vent is off and little Kate is doing well today; hopefully no more electrolyte imbalances.
God bless each of you in your journey. Hard to believe it has been 51 days.
Love and Hugs,
Bonnie and Jerry

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a day! Kate is amazing. She is one strong little girl. So happy to hear that the vent is now out again. Went to the chapel today and prayed for Kate and Mommy.


Anonymous said...

I think Kate just wants to make sure you don't run out of things to write on your blog! So glad she's doing better now. Hang in there!

Jana Piotter

The Portas said...

Oh Krista, you are such a strong woman. You have been through soooo much (as has your princess Kate). I was out of town for work for a few days and came back to all sorts of news! We pray for you guys constantly and will continue to do so. Hang in there (I know I always say that...) and just know that you are doing a wonderful job. Kate is so lucky to have such a wonderful mommy!

Anonymous said...

Greetings, Krista! (: My 2-year-old son has a lullaby on his bed-time CD that made me think of you and Kate tonight. The song is by Michael Card, and it says that when God created "this" precious little baby, he was thinking specifically of "me."

The song made me think how truly special God must think you are to pick you of all the women on the Earth today and all the women who have ever walked this Earth to be Kate's mom. We all know how very special children are, and your example of strength, compassion and that mama's ferocious fighting spirit are a witness to how truly special you are, too! Here's hoping and praying for a less dramatic day tomorrow for both you and Kate! (:

Hang in there! (:

Kathy said...

OH...I would have been FREAKING OUT if they called me at RMH. Tell them not to do that again!
I'm glad it was a simple goodness!!!
A very happy ending day indeed!

Sleep good tonight!

amy ruiz said...

Hi Krista The video is so cute!! I can not believe how many times she switched paci's what a hoot! the side ways video got everyone's attention. So, maybe you should try that again some time. She really is starting to look better very time I look at the site.We are keeping you all in our prayers for a steady recovery and return HOME. Home I know it is so hard to be away not in your own bed or surroundings. Hopefully, that will all end soon and Kate will be home for a longer stay. Please tell Kate that Calleigh says "no more brodway productions" her mom's nerves have had enough! Talk to you soon. Amy

Vanessa said...

Oh my what a day you had. I'm so glad the intubation time was only 4 hours. Those electrolytes can really mess you up if they don't stay normal. I'm so glad they were able to figure it out so quickley and start managing things more efficiently. Your giving me grey hairs little girl...