Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Going on!

We've decided...we've just got to go on...go on with our plans that we had for this week! And thanks to Nana's generosity of time again...I get to go HOME! Andy and Seth just left...and provided the interstates are clear....they will call and give the go ahead for Nana and Oompa to go ahead and head up! Then...after supper....Oompa who so generously agreed to ride in a car all day...will head back to the Fort with me! Then...provided the Misses behaves...I will stay home through the end of the week! Although I had time with Andy and Seth through the holidays...it still isn't the same as being HOME! We had like 10 inches up here last night...but it is warm enough the salt should be doing it's trick on the roads. Nana will hold down the fort up here with Kate.

As far as Kate...she is stable again! She is still having some significant drainage from the chest tube...but has been awake and alert. In fact, they told me they fed her applesauce this morning. I'm so glad the little girl is getting some gratification in life. Plus..she was awake and alert enough for us to give her some of her Christmas presents. Seth did most of the unwrapping...and Kate just watched. And when it was all done...she just wanted her washcloth. Guess we could have saved a lot of money. But...she is down to just one sedation med...and that should be coming off tomorrow...so hopefully, soon, our stoned little baby will be history!

So..we wait...wait and see how the week goes...how she tolerates coming off the IV heart meds and transitioning to oral meds. It is a new year...hopefully a year of new beginnings!What cha' doing, Seth!
Look Kate...a new toy!!!
Thanks but no thanks...I'm happy with my washcloth!


Anonymous said...

Be careful on the roads and safe travels to all of you. Krista, I'm glad you will get to spend some time at home with Seth and Andy. You must be really anxious to get back and feel some sense of 'normalcy'. It is great that your parents are so helpful. Kate is one LOVED litte girl, no doubt about it!

Keep up the positive attitude and hang in there. Still praying for a healthy '08 for Miss Kate!



Anonymous said...

Go home and have a good week!Kate is in good
hands with her Nana.I am a Nana too!Prayers
and good thoughts.Gina is sure right.kate is one
loved little princess.
The rest of her family are really loved too.
Seth had a good time with the presents,didn't he?!
Everyone have safe trips.
Marilyn and Mike

Anonymous said...

Krista, God Bless you and your entire family. We pray that everyone has safe travels and the little Princess continues to get stronger. The pictures of her and Seth are priceless. The snow must be very beautiful - we only have rain today in Florida. Will continue to keep you all in our prayers. Love Dave & Etta

Deanna said...

Look at all those toys!!! :)

Glad to hear that today has been a little better!!! Praying for BIG things!!!

Much love,

Anonymous said...


Enjoy your time at home. Build up your strength to go back up to Ann Arbor at the end of the week and keep on keepin' on. Know that all of us are pulling for Kate!!

Mira :)

Anne said...

Once Kate is a little less "stoned" I'm sure she'll love all her new toys! Be safe and enjoy some time at home. Blessings for safe travel and for a New Year!

Melissa said...

Wishing you all safe travels. Glad you will get to be home and sleep in your own bed. Still praying!

Kathy said...

I'm glad you get a break!
Do be careful on the roads...I plowed into a tree once while in the snow...needless to say, i DO NOT drive in it ever! You brave lady!
Well keep checking on you and we hope you have a peaceful week and Kate starts feeling better.

The Portas said...

All those toys and she wants her washcloth. How cute! Isn't it funny how the non-toys are always the most appealing?

Vanessa said...

I just love the washcloth pictures. She has all those wonderful toys and she preferrs a washcloth..lol! Give her a big hug from me. She looks so good and I hope she tolerates the decrease in medicine.