Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hopin' for Snow Day!

Hi all...not much to report today...

I met with Seth's preschool teacher today for my first "parent teacher conference" It was all of about 10 minutes...but all is well! I was so glad to hear that he was getting used to school enviornment and participating more and more. He still is on the shy side and needs a lot of encouragement to talk in class...but at least he's not the trouble maker! It was neat to see the progress he has made in just 4 short months with his cutting and coloring. Yeah Seth...I'm so proud of you!

Andy has got some major sinus/cold/flu thing going on! I knew he wasn't feeling well last night...but today when Seth and I got home and he was tucked under the sheets in bed after work...I knew he was in bad shape! Poor thing...he just sounds awful. We're hoping and prayin' big time for this big time storm tonight so he can get a good day's rest...but that's not a fun way to spend a snow day!

Other than that...not much else today...just a another day attempting to adjust to our new normal! but hey...I actually cooked dinner from scratch tonight for the 1st time in months! And knocked out a few more thank yous....they are on their way to all of you who have blessed us so much over the past few weeks! And I can't believe the cards are still coming in the all are AWESOME!


The Portas said...

Get better soon Andy! I just started sniffling myself this morning. Uh oh. :(

Did you get snow?

Way to go, Seth, for being a good boy at school! Take good care of your mommy and daddy.