Sunday, January 6, 2008

I got it!

I got her to give me just a few smiles for the camera!

Just gotta love those smiles...she does smile a little bigger...but those are hard to catch on my outdated camera.

Kate had an overall pretty good day. We played a lot...and she got into knocking down towers, reading a few books and chewing on a few toys. She is just SO hungry. Their "feeding plan" is enough to drive me absolutely crazy. I am planning to get up early tomorrow and head over for rounds so I can get the lowdown on her feeding plan. Right now she is getting 2 cc's an hour (30 cc in an ounce) It's barely anything....poor thing grabs at anything that appears to be something she can eat or drink.


Anonymous said...

Here's the night owl checking in. Love seeing Kate smile! What a little beauty she is! Gorgeous eyes! Hoping for some good news concerning her feeds. Wanting so much for her to have a chance to grow.
Love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Krista, I had to tell you that you really inspired me today: "So...we wait. We keep on keepin' on. But I tell little smile from that little adorable girl..and it's enough motivation for me! Yeah it's hard...yeah, it stinks...yeah, I hate being away from Seth and Andy...but little Kate is holding her own and givin it all she has...I can do the same for her!"

I was frustrated with some meaningless stuff and then I read your blog and I am right back at it hitting it with all I got.

You really are awesome.
Love, Scott (& Laura)

Vanessa said...

I LOVE the pictures! She is so adorable when with that little smile. Thank you so much for the pictures. Kate has really been on my mind lately and in my prayers. I really hope you get the feeding plan straightened out. I understand they are trying to take it slow but that really is a small amount. I'll check for another update tomorrow.

Melissa said...

Tell them to quit starving our baby! Her smiles are great! Glad you were able to capture some of them. We continue to pray!

Jim & Karen said...

May God smile even more than Kate for you!

The Portas said...

Oh that just stinks that the poor girl is so hungry and can't eat. :( Hopefully today's feeding plan involves EATING.

Take care and I love the smiley pics! Too cute.

Anonymous said...

Kate looks SO MUCH BETTER! Hopefully she will continue to improve and give you many more smiles!

Lou and Shirlie

Deanna said...

She looks great!!! Praying for great news about the feedings today!

Much love!

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to see Kate happy again! Hope that she has gotten some nourishment today and the "feeding plan" is resolved.



Anonymous said...

Your little Kate has the most beautiful eyes that I
have ever seen!Her smile melts my heart.Prayers
are going up all through the day for Kate and those
who love her and take care of her.God bless you
all and I pray that you can feel His wonderful arms
around you and holding you close.We continue to pray
for Cathy too.She is such a wonderful example for
all of us.
Love,Marilyn from Portland

Anonymous said...

What a grea way to start the day.....a Great Big Smile from that Beautiful Baby go girl......Linda S