Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just another Saturday

Not much to report today. The boys went to Grandmas for the day in an attempt to get some firewood, check on Kate's grave site and visit with Grandma for a while! They had a great time...but unfortunately, the chainsaw didn't not too productive on the firewood end.

I did some more cleaning...tackled the family room today which included the movie cabinet! How in the world did we end up with so many movies? It's insane...but I know I couldn't throw out any of Seth's...because as soon as I do...that's the one he would want. He has an uncanny memory for his movie stash.

I did get away and have coffee with my good friend Melanee and we wandered the isles of Target for a couple was good getaway.

I had to run to my parents and a quick errand tonight.... and Andy said Seth was super cute after bath and during his before-bed-movie. He came right downstairs and picked out a Baby Einstein movie because that was Kate's favorite...and he proceeded to watch it! I guess he and Andy had a pretty indepth discussion and Seth told him all the things he remembered about Kate...including him acting out her laying on the floor and kicking her legs! He is such a blessing to us right now...Thank you God for Seth!

We're excited about getting back to church tomorrow. It's been so long since we've been...some good worship and great teaching will be great medicine too!


Kathy said...

Isn't wondering around Target the greatest!!!
I tried to make it there myself this weekend...but, chose to nap instead!!
What a blessing Seth is indeed!
Getting back to church will be nice and more calm and peace will surround you.
We love you Krista and wish we were there to hug you!!!
Have fun tomorrow. Worship, talk with friends, sing...enjoy!

LeeAnne said...

Good to have a quiet day! You got some cleaning accomplished AND went to Target! WHAT A DAY! :) Hope you have a wonderful time at church!

Love ya!

Melissa said...

Gotta love Target! A Saturday spent at Target is always a good day. Glad you have Seth to keep you smiling. Have a great time of worship at church tomorrow. I'm sure everyone will be so happy to see you back!

The Portas said...

I'm so glad Seth is such a refreshing little person to have around right now. Just what you guys need! And I think it's great how open you are about Kate. It's good to encourage talking about her and to encourage remembering things about her.

Take care you guys, thinking about you always..

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking about you and wanting to spend time with you! Wish I could be in town! I'd love to come and visit soon! I'm glad to hear about all the "normal" things you are doing and the great stories about and pictures of Seth. I know the cleaning is theraputic for you - it would be for me too. I'm glad you are finding time to get that done.
Love and Blessings to you!