Monday, January 7, 2008

Just a little Drama

Our little miss drama queen can't go through a day without a little excitement....fortunately, today was more like a middle school play than a Broadway production...when it comes to drama! But...NOTHING....I mean NOTHING goes exactly as it should with Kate...there is always something!!

At rounds this morning...they said they wanted to replace her central line in her groin (it's a little leaky) with a PICC line (Peripheral Inserted Central Catheter--a line that goes in her arm...then a catheter that goes all the way up her arm into her chest area). So...of course...that requires some sedation...which required stopping the Pedialyte feeds...which had been advanced to a whopping 3 cc an hour! Well...when I got back at 2...they got the line in her blood vessel...but can't get it to feed up to the right place...and instead of doing chest xray after chest xray to check placement...tomorrow they will feed it through in the cath lab where they have some sort of continuous xray. Good news...they won't have to stick her again...bad news...another procedure tomorrow which means more stopped feeds. The best news is that then the groin central line can come out...her skin there is really raw and and sore from continuous tape changes...and it is just asking for infection since it is in the diaper area. Evidently a PICC line is very flexible and and will make holding even easier.

As far as the feedings...we have the go-ahead to begin formula feeds and advance at a much more reasonable rate to get her back to goal. When I get back at 4...I can give that to her orally! I'm sure it will only be enough to tease her and make her more mad and hungry...but she has learned to suck every CC out of a washcloth...and that seems to pacify her while we wait for the next feeding. There is the thought she may be getting her 2 year she is really really chomping on those cloths...and shoving the entire thing back into her mouth. They have given her some sort of bacteria product (Lac-something) that should help with the natural bacteria in her tummy.

And....we have decreased the IV heart medicine Milrinone. This is a biggy she has been a little dependent on that during past surgeries. So far...her blood pressure has tolerated it so far.

If the feedings go decent and we can get her off of the Milrinone...we COULD be moving out of ICU by the end of the week. Again...we have to keep this a secret from the she tends to change the best laid out plans.

Andy went back to work today...the first day back since before Thanksgiving. He says he feels like it is the first day of school all over again. Cathy (Grandma) is camping out on a air mattress in Kate's room and is in the Fort for the week and on Seth duty! Seth is keeping her in line and keeping her busy. Thanks Cathy for watching our're a lifesaver! And I'm sure Andy will be glad to have his "mommy" making him dinner again!

So...that's about it so far for the far. I'm excited to get back at 4...dress her up in some of her own cute jammies and snuggle. They can draw these "quick procedures" out to an all day event somedays! apologies for some of my medical explanations....I'm sure it makes some of you medical professionals cringe! I try...I really do!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Krista. Don’t apologize. Your medical-ese is far better than mine and I spent 11 semesters memorizing it all. LOL

You and Kate both doing a Great Job!
Hail to the Victors!!

--Love and Hugs, Susan

Anonymous said...

Hope the snuggling goes great. That would be the best medicine for Kate and Mom. I'm sure this time together with Grma, Seth and Andy will be a comforting time for them also. Have a great evening all of you.
Hugs all around,
Tricia H.

Anonymous said...

Me again!! I just went to Max Lucado's website and there was a "3:16 Radio Special" that you can listen to. It lasts about 25 mins. I think just listening to his voice is relaxing, funny and thought provoking. So if you're bored check it out, if you haven't already. Just something to do when you're waiting to see your "Little Princess". You can sit back relax and listen.
Tricia H.

Anonymous said...

Glad this day has gone ok and you and the Princess can snuggle tonight. So happy that Grandma Cathy can have fun with Seth and cook for him and Andy. Our thoughts and prays continue.
Love and hugs,
Art & Reen

Anonymous said...

Of course nothing can go smoothly for Miss Kate! But, I'm glad that with the new central line placement that you will be able to hold her (and bottle feed her!!!!) more easily.

Sounds like she is progressing very well and the thought of getting out of PICU is so wonderful!

You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers (even Mya is asking about 'Kate in the hospital' now!)

Love, Gina

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear tht you get to bathe and dress Kate
tonight.To get to hold her and snuggle her will be
so great!Glad Cathy is with your boys.This will be
good for her and them also.Cathy is one of my
favorite people in the world. She is such a strong
Christian woman.My prayers are with all of you.
Give sweet Kate a hug and kiss for all of us in
Love to all,Marilyn

Melissa said...

You do really well with your medical explanations! You know your stuff! Glad they are getting her central line out and moving on to a longer term picc line. Hoping all goes well tomorrow to get it in the right place. Enjoy your cuddle time!

Anonymous said...

You sound good today! I am amazed at your ability to exude peacefulness through all this. I know you have days, but through these 100s of blogs I've read there is an overwhelming sense of peace on the whole. Of course, I know where you would say that comes from, but I think you are amazing and such a blessing to so many people. Thank you for sharing all you've been through. You're an inspiration to me and I am thankful that I know you and can call you my friend. I continue to pray for Kate always, but I love to pray for you too.

The Findleys said...

It is so great to see some pictures of Kate and hear about the possibility of moving to "the floor". Our prayer is for "no drama" with the procedure and some rest & encouragement for mama - I mean Krista not the cat :)

We're also praying for the Layman's in Fort Wayne - that returning to school & being together will be fun & refreshing.

Kathy said...

Glad to hear that Kate's doing better.
You know...we had to get a broviac put in Isaac during his heart cath. It was a life saver!!! When all the other central lines would give us trouble..the broviac was the one that stayed in until the day we were discharged! So...I hope the PICC line does the trick and guard it with your life! Don't let them take it out until you're ready to walk out the door!
I hope you have a great week and Miss Kate gets to eat again soon!
I'll start looking for some princess washcloths to send you!

Anonymous said...

I just want to squeeze and love on that little girl of yours.....She is just so ADORABLE. God Love her!!!!!! and all of you that do so well taking care of her. Thanks for the video. Just loved it. Linda S.

Judy Davis said...

Dear Krista, I enjoyed your video of Kate very much even though it was sideways. She knows how to exchange the paci's !
Glad to hear that you had an good day and that you can snuggle with her. Take
care now - a lot of prayers are continued. Hugs,
Judy & Charlie