Saturday, January 12, 2008

Laptime with mommy & Daddy

Overall...Kate had a pretty good day. She got some good (non-drug-induced) sleep today! She actually had herself all scooted down in the crib, laying sideways--with her feet up on the side of the crib. She got a super bath tonight and is all sparkling clean. Her bandage from her chest tube came off and she is unhooked from the pacemaker (she got hooked up after her incident on Wednesday). Oh yeah...and last night...she decided she no longer wanted her IV in her left hand and chewed that off! (Way to go was in the way all the time!) Luckily, they haven't needed to poke her again and replace it. So currently she just has her PICC line in her upper left arm---it does have fluid running through it all the time to keep it open...but is only being used for her IV diuretics. No more TPN or lipids since she is up to goal with her GTube feeding. It's getting easier and easier to get her out of bed...and it only takes 2 of us now---instead of 4! We got some genuine smiles wonderful to see your kid not crying her head off! (She did have her moments...but NOTHING like it has been the past few days!) It is so wonderful to be able to hold her again...and her be comfy and go to sleep!
Andy and I had a nice lunch out today...and then got some surprise visitors from our church today. Kris and Tammy Miller (and their 3 kids) drove all the way up here just to visit, give hugs and say "hi". They know all too well our journey as they spent 7 months in a RMH in Cincinnati several years ago. Thanks so much for coming to see us! What a blessing today!'s your long awaited pictures! Enjoy" Guess what I just had to eat? Hint: I love them!!!"
"Who is this guy--I don't trust him!"
Andy's first time holding his baby girl since before surgery over 4 weeks ago!

"Monkey See....Monkey Do"

Kate was doing this alot this morning....I think the high flow O2 was drying out her mouth

"A night at the spa....feels SO good!"

Notice the new paci....she is taking a liking to the green ones now!

All snuggled in mommy's lap after my bath!

My pink jammies are so is my pink blankie!



Anonymous said...

So good to see BOTH of my girls smiling again. Nana

Kar said...

Cheers to a long awaited good day!
Love, Kar & Jeff

Anonymous said...

Oh how good to see those photos again. With Dad she seems to be saying: "Daddy, I've got so much to tell you." With Mom: "You make me feel so good!" I see love all over the pictures. So happy for you and your "energy charge" day. Praying for many more.
Tricia H.

The Portas said...

I LOVE the last pic of Kate snoozing on your chest. That is soo sweet. I'm so happy to see snuggling pics today!

Kathy said...

Thanks for the pics...she's looking better!!!
Krista....Isaac and her were meant to be....Isaac does the same thing...scooting to the bottom of the crib, laying sideways, and propping his feet up on the he's just had a rough day and needs to relax! These two are amazing...they do everything the same!
Please Miss Kate...behave yourself, enjoy your parents, and listen to the docs!

amy ruiz said...

Hi krista and family. So heart warming that you are able to hold your little girl again! It is such a nice feeling even if it is not for a long period. We so look forward to those little things. Well, I hope and pray Kate is having a wonderful day and is feeling good enough to play and smile! We are back at St. V's. Calleigh took a turn for the worse Thursday I think due to the Dr.'s ending her evening lasic dose on Tuesday. However, who is really to say other that she is sick. Feedings have been hard due to wretching and diarea (sp). So calleigh sends her love that kate is having a really great day! Talk to you soon love and prayers. Amy and the Ruiz family

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. The foot spa looks just like a little slice of heaven! Glad to see the smiles.

Vanessa said...

I just love the pictures! I'm glad Kate had such a good day and enjoyed some mommy & daddy time. I didn't realize its been that long since Andy got to hold her. What a nice surprise for him. Keep up the good work Kate!

Sending more prayers your way!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! Love 'em! Looks like a good day! Sharyn

Anonymous said...

It was so good to see smiling faces in the pictures today. Those are sure gems! Praying for wisdom and peace about your impending decisions. Praying, Jennifer Johnson