Wednesday, January 2, 2008

No Better...No Worse

Kate remains about the same. She is now off of the sedation/pain meds and just getting some doses of Tylenol as needed. Her chest tube continues to put out a significant amount of that has to stay for now. They are trying to get her feedings figured she can't tolerate too much fluid...and she won't drink the nasty formula, but they don't want her drinking too much (or any) apple juice in fear of too much fluid. Poor thing...just wants to eat "real" food so badly. She has been sitting up and reading some books with Nana. Nana has been doing a great job with Kate and gets answers to all of our questions for us..THANKS!

As far as here...just a busy day doing not much of anything. All 3 of us did get our haircut...we made it to the grocery...lots of playing...lots of putting away of Christmas stuff and toys....lots of loving on a sweet little 3 year old that "WON'T STOP ASKING QUESTIONS!"


Anonymous said...

Seth must take after his Mom... LOL... And that is a Good Trait!

--Love and Hugs, Susan

Anonymous said...

Hello Krista... Today the recycling truck jack-knifed and was trapped in our neighborhood for the good part of the day on the snow/ice-pack. When Laura told me about it, I immediately thought of Seth. How cool would it have been to have this whole truck to himself (as the crew abandoned it) to check-out! Snowman?! Who cares about sledding?! I have a whole recycling truck just sitting here for me to explore!
Most of the people in our neighborhood were, most likely, a bit upset by the truck blocking our marginally passable roads, but I am sure Seth would be just all about it!

Hang in there! You guys are never far from our thoughts. Has Kate had bubble tea yet? We should sneak some in... then again, nothing can match the wet washcloth...

Big hugs,
Scott & Laura

Melissa said...

Why Mommy Why? I remember those questions continously from joshua at that age. They are so inquisitive and just soak up everything you have to say. Enjoy your time home. Will keep praying for Kate. Writing you from our own bed on the peds floor at St. V's. Say a few prayers! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Krista, Andy and Seth,
So glad you have some time at home with the boys Krista.
You are blessed with wonderful parents who can help when you need them.
So thankful Kate is stable for now.
I bet you are having fun playing with toys and answering those questions.
Bonnie & Jerry