Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Oompa, the wonder driver!

Everyone is where they are supposed to be...after some very long hours on the road. Thanks to my dad for spending countless hours driving through wind and snow and ice to deliver his women to their destinations.

So...Kate is stable and enjoyed her bath with Nana. We'll look forward to some reports from that end...as far as this end...I'm hoping for a few boring days at home with the boys.

Sending lots of love!


Anonymous said...

Kate, Jodi (the nurse) and I had a peaceful night. Kate ate peaches, took her formula, had a bath from both of us (that takes a while), got some dressings changed (Jodi did that), had lotion applied (I was on the giving end of that and was envious), had some more formula, drank some apple juice and then settled in to what looked like a very comfortable sleep. Hopefully Kate will have a restful night. Nana

Melissa said...

Boring is good! Glad Nana and Kate had a good night. How wonderful for you all that you have such a wonderful helpful family!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Laymans.....lots of prayers and thoughts coming your way. And yes boring can be good as it might mean more healing. That is what we are praying for...God Bless. John and Linda S.

The Portas said...

I'm glad you had safe travels.

LOTS of prayers going your way!!

Anonymous said...

So excited to hear the "boring" report. Lots and lots of prayer for several boring, restful and healing days coming your way!
Carrie G.

Anonymous said...

Glad everybody made it to their destinations safely!! Enjoy your boring days at home and enjoy those moments with your boys! Each day is so precious.

Continued prayers!!
Kim Tinker