Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pedialtye and Popsicles

Kate is doing okay! Her numbers are all good...blood gasses are normal...she is just grumpy. As soon as they pulled the tube around 2, she went straight to sleep and slept a good while. Then...she woke up...and woke up hungry! And of course, they want her to rest today with no feedings as she had such a rough day. I asked if she was really "that" bad this morning...and the attending, fellow and nurse all unanimously shook their head in a resounding "yes!" It's hard for me...cause I never saw it (Thank God, I guess!)

So...I beg for some Pedialtye! They give in...but she doesn't want much of that once it takes away the thirst factor. I tried it today, and it is pretty awful. time the docs came around, I asked if I could go and get her some flavored Pedialyte...they were fine as long as it wasn't grape (??? ) Well...Kate is still grumpy...crying, unconsolable and my instinct just says she's hungry. So...I go find the attending and ask if she can have a popsickle. His first response: "Can't you leave well enough alone?" My response...."go look at her, she's miserable!" So...he agrees and Kate gets a Popsicle.

She was in heaven...she would take a bite and then just smile...her eyes rolling in her head like she just took a bite of dark chocolate or something! Ah, the simple pleasures. shift change...Nana and I were at Kroger getting her some orange flavored Pedialtye (which is still awful, but better than the unflavored) and some of her mini popsicles. Hopefully, those will get her through the night.

My gut tells me she's hungry...I hope her grumpiness isn't due to something else...but then...she did have a tube shoved down her throat again today!

Well...both the King women are here now...and we'll probably get ourselves booted out of the PCTU for harassing the docs for food for Kate.


Anonymous said...

Krista and Nana,
Kate is so lucky to have the two of you there to keep the popsicles coming. Can't think of anyone better to be her advocate. Just be sure both of you don't get kicked out together!
Love and hugs,

Melissa said...

You stand up for your girl! If you don't, who will! I am learning more and more each day about advocating for my child. Keep bugging those docs! Maybe they'll send you back to us. :o)

Anonymous said...

You go girl!! I'm glad you did not back down. Over the past year I've had family members in the hospital and realize that it is so important to have someone there to speak up for the patient and question motives, etc. Make sure the right foot knows what the left foot is doing because Kate can't speak for herself. Hang in there ladies!
Praying for an easier day for all.
Tricia H.

Anne said...

I think you did the right thing! I know Dr's are smart and have some inside knowledge that others don't, but I also know that God gave us mom's some major insite into what our children need! You keep asking questions and making sure they are doing EVERYTHING they can for Kate. I hope you have a fabulous day.

Anonymous said...

You go, girls! You know Kate best and together your voice is just magnified! Do you hear the rest of the 'cheer block' behind you??:)

Anonymous said...

I love it.....the King girls are all over it. They had better listen to both of you....I know I do.

Linda and John S

Kathy said...

We'll start calling them too if you want...demanding that they feed Miss Kate!!!
Isaac had his tube in yesterday for only 2 hours...and there was blood everywhere. I think they scratch their little throats up pretty bad when they get excited and shove it in. I've been giving Tylenoyl around the clock...but, he's still got a yucky cough. So....maybe it is just the soreness from the tube. Tell them not to do that again...crazy doctors! (I think they watch too much drama on tv and try to immulate it sometimes!)
Hope you have a good day and the popsicles help!

Anonymous said...

Hey KK,

I think they don't want Kate having purple or red anything, because it mimicks the color of blood (at least, that's what I was told when undergoing my colonoscopy!). So, green or yellow or orange should be just fine! :)

Hang in there -- show 'em who's boss!!


The Portas said...

What's up with the Grape flavor? Sounds like they just want to be controlling? Grape or not, I'm glad Kate is getting SOME flavor. That must be so hard to see your little girl so hungry. Poor Kate. Soon, very soon, she will be able to gobble down some real food.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for the King girls. You certainly have a right to question the Docs on anything.
Hope you have a better day and Kate will soon be able to have more oral intake.
Hugs and Love,
Bonnie and Jerry

Anonymous said...

I'd be really grumpy, too, if I couldn't eat for days or weeks on end! Poor baby! I don't see how Pedialyte or popsicles could do any harm! Hoping that she gets to eat real food SOON!!!



Anonymous said...

Good for you Krista, you are so right to stick up for what you think is best for Kate. Doctors try to do thier best but you are the one with Kate all of the time! As a mother I have learned that I am the one that has to stick up for what I think is right for Zachary and Alison. You keep it up mom's have their gut feelings and they are normally right.
P.S. I forgot to post where we live on your game! We live in Texas, so you guys have a fan base with us Texans!!!!

Samantha said...

Stay tough...those doctors and nurses are there to take care of her, but they don't know her like you do...I wish they would let the poor thing eat is not fair at all.

Keep holding your ground...I can't wait till you get to bring that little girl home and she can eat whatever she wants, whenever she wants.