Saturday, January 5, 2008

Photo Shoot!

Here's a few it as been a while. Kate and I had a good night...I helped give her a really good bath...including new oxygen stickers (I can't stand those HUGE pieces of tape that they put all over her cheek!) She was relatively calm and fell fast asleep without any extra meds tonight.

Kate fast asleep when I came back! So peaceful!

Come on Kate...just ONE smile for the camera! (I tried really hard!)

Can you see the pure determination in Kate's eyes when she chews on that washcloth?

All cleaned up...with a token ounce of water. She's so tired!


Vanessa said...

What beautiful pictures you took. I just love the washcloth pic, she always seems to determined. I know times must be rough and you are always in my prayers. I think that is wonderful that Kate is doing so well of the vent. She is taking baby steps and thats all that matters. Keep it up sweetheart!

Melissa said...

She's such a strong little girl and she definately loves her washcloth! Glad you are back with her where you can hopefully get her smiling again!!

The Portas said...

The washcloth pic is sooo funny.

I hope Kate is getting a day of good rest!

Anonymous said...

Kate looks like she is feeling much better in the cute! Sounds like a fairly optimistic report from the cardiologist yesterday, too. Glad you are back with your girl and praying that each day shows signs of improvement.



Deanna said...

What a precious little gal! Sending you a hug!!! :)