Friday, January 4, 2008


Hey all...just a few minutes to update you all as I am heading back to Michigan early in the morning and still have lots to do!

Kate has had a decent day. According to Nana...her biggest battle today has been just getting comfortable. I guess she has been cranky and hasn't been sleeping. Finally, Nana reported that she fell into a good, deep comfy sleep around 8ish. She has the cardiology fellow totally stumped and baffled as to why she is so uncomfortable and why nothing is working. Maybe she just needs her mommy!!!

A GI surgeon did come and look at her MicKey button (feeding tube) and he said it looked great. We haven't had a chance to get to Indy for her 6week check-up (ha ha), so we had them check it here...even though it has been a little leaky the past few days...he said it looked good.

Surprise, surprise, her feeds are stopped again! I guess she has had some pretty bad diarrhea..and now the skin on her bottom is close to breaking down. Evidently that is very they wanted to give her a break. Hopefully, her feeds will resume again around 11 pm. and with some added bacteria to her diet...maybe we can get her stools regulated.

So I am heading back and mom and I will meet with one of the "big docs" tomorrow morning. We still have lots of questions...but according to Nana's chat with him today: He sees progress and sees no reason why she won't be able to go home...but it will take "a while!" When Nana asked how long "a while" was...and said, are we talking weeks or months...he said "weeks!" She has a lot of healing to do before I'll feel comfortable bringing her home...but if we look back to her condition 2 weeks ago...we have made progress! It is very very hard for us (Andy, Nana and me) to see...but I guess it is there. She is down to just 1 continuous that is good.

Well...I will fill you in on the whole report tomorrow after I see my baby girl and talk with the docs. Sending lots of love!


Anonymous said...

Safe travels back to Michigan. Glad Kate is resting well tonight. Thoughts and prayers are always with your family.
Love and hugs,
Art & Reen

Anonymous said...


Betcha can't wait to see your baby girl! Glad to hear the "progress" report. Hope they get the feeds figured out so the diaper area can heal and she can get some real nourishment. Maybe that's why she couldn't get comfortable all day!

Praying that your meeting with the docs tomorrow is positive and brings new hope for getting your little angel home "soon."



Anonymous said...

I'll be anxious to hear what the doctor says tomorrow. I hope she makes a turn, and everything starts working as it should. Many prayers for your continued strength and guidance. Just know that you're the best, and have gone through more than most people do in a lifetime. My prayers are for little's time for her to feel better. Sharon H.

Melissa said...

Sending prayers for safe travels back up to Michigan. Hoping that you get the answers that you want from the big docs!

Anonymous said...


Have a safe trip back to Michigan. We have you in our thoughts and prayers. We will be praying for Kate to feel more comfortable and to get the feeds going. Also, we will pray that your meeting with the Doctor today is very clear and brings increased understanding.

Carrie & Kurt

Anonymous said...

Your faith and optimism is inspiring to all! Keep looking for the silver lining.


The Portas said...

It seems like progress is definitely being made. Hoping for another positive day for you guys. You deserve it. Pics...we want pics!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear the update on Kate's progress. It sounds like the docs are optimistic and she is slowly but surely getting there. You guys continue to be in my prayers and I just love checking in to see how everything is going. Sounds like you had some good recouperation time with your boys and friends. Take it easy and safe travels back to Michigan.

Prayers and blessings!
Kim Tinker

Anonymous said...

At least the doctors are seeing glimmers of healing. Will keep praying for more progress so you can have that little one with you.

amy ruiz said...

Hi Krista and family. Sorry I have been so busy with the end of holiday stuff that I had not checked your blog. How Exciting to get 100 comments! I hope this note finds all is well and Kate is still turning the corner. Thinking of you all and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Amy