Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shine, Kate, Shine!

Our good, wonderful, generous friends, Art & Reen surprised us the other day by letting us know that they named a star in honor of Kate. Yesterday, we received the plaque as well as a astrological map of exactly where her star is. Hopefully someday, we can take it to an astronomer and see the star.

"Know ye herewith that the International Star Registry doth hereby redesginante star number: Orion RA 6h 5m 18s D 06' 55' to the name: Kate, The Princess of Westwind. Know ye further that this star will henceforth be known by this name. This name is permanently filed in the Registry's vault in Switzerland and recorded in a book which will be registered in the copyright office of the United States of America"

Orion is Reen's favorite constellation...and they always called Kate the she had a way of ruling the roost. (Westwind is the name of our street!) . We are humbled to received such a gift in honor of our princess. Thank you so much Art & Reen. We love you!

So the next time the stars are shining...and you look heavenward...know that Kate's light is FOREVER shining down upon us! Shine, Kate, Shine!


Kathy said...

I just checked back in to leave a comment about the cute snow pics and the star naming is SO SWEET!
You'll have to get Seth a telescope so that you guys can look up at the sky at night.

I'm glad that you were able to have fun in the snow...just as your Seth is asking you to play in the Eli is asking to go in the pool!!! You can head down here anytime to unthaw!!!

Take care of yourself and sleep when you need to and don't worry too much about''ll be there when you're ready for it. Have fun playing with Seth!

Anonymous said...

Orion has always been my favorite constellation too. Now when I look at it I will look through new eyes, enjoying it and remembering sweet Kate.
Linda D.

Mel said...

Now when you dread the night, the darkness, the aloneness with your thoughts, what a bright hope you have to look up in the sky for that Princess Kate star. It reminds me of Seth's comment - "it is so far away". The star is almost as far away as heaven - but just as real as those stars we can see. I love this Psalm - reassuring us over and over that God's love endures - and one way He shows His love to us is in His creation - precious stars, and precious Kate.

Psalm 136:3-9
Give thanks to the Lord of lords:
His love endures forever.
to him who alone does great wonders,
His love endures forever.
who by his understanding made the heavens,
His love endures forever.
who spread out the earth upon the waters,
His love endures forever.
who made the great lights—
His love endures forever.
the sun to govern the day,
His love endures forever.
the moon and stars to govern the night;
His love endures forever.

I love seeing the pictures of Seth. My tears still come and my prayers continue for you - the Layman family.

Melissa said...

That's awesome, what a wonderful gift! She will shine on forever.

The Portas said...

That is awesome! What a sweet, thoughtful gift. :)

Anonymous said...

That is a neat gift. Kate is truely a star and we all know she is shinning with her awesome smile up there in heaven and it is radiating down thru the sky to us here on earth. Praying and thinking of you all continually.
Sheryl, Crystal, Ryan and Kevin

Anonymous said...

Krista, Andy and Seth

That is so awesome that Kate has a star. We always knew she was a star, now she is officially registered. If we ever get lost in our busy worlds and have a moment that we forget what is important, all we have to do is look to the stars to be reminded of Kate and all she taught us here on earth. I still puddle up at times when I think of all the pain you have experienced in a short period of time and I am humbled at the same time to know you and draw strength from your words.

Its great seeing you reconnect with Andy and Seth, you have an amazing gift of sharing your memories and lives with all of us. I look forward each day to see what is new in the Layman Scoop.

Many blessing and pray you can get a restful sleep tonight. Julie M

Anonymous said...

That is so totally cool! I love to star gaze so the next time I am doing it I will be thinking of your precious little Kate. Thanks for sharing and continued thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

Kim Tinker

rachel said...

that is SO COOL! wow. what a wonderful gift.

"the heavens declare the glory of God, the open skies proclaim the work of His hand."

kate sure is declaring the glory of God.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

That is very touching.

Mina said...

A beautiful, and very fitting tribute!

Anonymous said...

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, How I wonder what you are. Up Above the world so high. Like A "Princess" in the sky. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, how I wonder what you are.

This song is going to have a WHOLE different meaning now. =)

I'll call you soon so we can get together.

Amy (Toby, Izzy and Mini-Cooper too).

Gene Marshall said...

Dear Krista Andy and Seth. My name is Gene Marshall from Leesburg In. I have posed before and just wanted to again. You are so strong in what you have gone through and will still go through. Your Little Kate fought a brave battle but guess he need another angel. I didn't know her grandpa but can guess he has her on his knee up ther telling her stories don't you think. I just know she is in no pain and at peace. Smome where down the way I know what she went through will help someone else. Our family has gone through some medical stuff over the years and I know the students do learn form the patients. Just know what she went through will help another child someday in what they learned from her. When you go outside and look at her star hold you head up high and smile as I think that is what she would of wanted. I know people are afraid to talk of those who have gone before us but we need to talk about them. I have a friend who some died almost 16 years ago, now he has 2 nephews and we tell them thing about there uncle and it helps me and also them to learn about him. My daughter and husband are the ones that bought Deana and Scott Greens house and they are loving it, alot more room. Keep on blogging it is great to hear you, I can tell how you are doing by the way you write. Have a good day and stay war.

klingshirn said...

How Awesome and how great to have such good friends!! I love the title!! That is great!

Samantha said...

What the perfect gift! Her smile will forever sparkle down on you all!

Sorry I have not written you in awhile, I am still reading and thinking of you guys often.


Anonymous said...

Andy, Krista, and Seth,
We got our new coach and we have been busy working to get it ready to move in, so have not been on the computer. Talked to Nana tonight and decided we needed to catch up before bed.
I walked home last night with Art and some friends. We looked up and there was Orion's Belt and we looked for the brightest star around and knew that was Kate smiling down. Shine, Kate, Shine!

We think of you so often. Happy that you are enjoying movies, the circus, snow, and just being home together.

Love and hugs,
Art & Reen