Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Too Fast!

Seth is growing up TOO fast! I know every mom says this at some point...but just in the past few weeks I've noticed some major (at least in my eyes) milestones! I keep asking him: when did you learn to do that?

1. He appears in my room completely dressed in the mornings...complete with all the undergarments (including a undershirt)...and amazingly matches over half of the time!

2. He can get his own juice...with just the help of a chair...he can get the juice, get down his sippy cup and fill it...without spilling!

3. He is completely capable of sorting laundry, loading the machine and putting in the detergent and fabric softener! He only needs help setting the right temps, etc.

4. Tonight...we were doing a coloring/activity book. He was able to do all the matching, dot-to-dot, mazes...he was actually doing "academic" work! It brought my parenting to a whole new level. We're working hard on holding the crayon the right way...but he is making strides! What fun to see him really thinking!

I know from now on...these milestones will just keep coming and coming and he will become more and more independent! It is what we want from our kids...but soon? I did find comfort today in this conversation we had while walking up the stairs.

Seth: Are you going to stay here forever?
Mommy: Yep...I'm not going anywhere?
Seth: Will I be here forever?
Mommy: Well...probably when you're 18 you'll leave and go away to college and get your own house!
Seth: No thank you...I"ll just stay here with you!
Andy (from across the room) See if he says that when he is 16?

It's those conversations...with a 3 year old...that just warm your heart! Love you Seth!


Melissa said...

Before you know it he will be getting on the bus to go to school and losing teeth and then dating and then graduating and then getting married. Cherish each moment! They pass way too fast!

The Portas said...

BEAUTIFUL! You just made my day. :) Thank you.

LeAnne said...

My goddaughter turns two this year and I can't believe all of the things she can do already either! Or maybe we just know some really smart kids. =) LeAnne Stahl

Anonymous said...

I had to chuckle when Andy put his comment in. So true how the story changes when they get to be around 16. They are so precious at this age and cherish that as long as you can. They grow up so fast but it is fun watching them mature. You guys are so blessed. Hang in there and keep smiling. Thinking and praying for you all the time.
sheri for us four

Kathy said...

My goodness...he is a big boy!!!
I've told my boys that I NEVER want them to leave my house. I'll keep adding on so that their wives and kids can live with me (if they have to get married!)
What a wonderful day!

Mina said...

I continue to follow your blog, and every day wonder if what you have written will make me laugh or cry. Thank you so much for sharing. Enjoy every moment with Seth, kids do grow up too fast!

Mel said...

Krista - you are making the rest of us parents realize that we need to watch close & savor every minute of the precious time we have with our kids! You are training a great little guy who will grow up to be a wonderful young man :)

Anonymous said...


I absolutely LOVED this blog posting. It was so great!!

The day I was leaving for my freshman year at Ball State, I went into my Mom's bedroom early in the morning and told her I didn't want to go. I said I just wanted to stay home with her. And that was when I was 18 years old! :)

I'm glad I went to BSU, or else we never would have become roommies.

Enjoy these precious times with your son.

Mira :)

Anonymous said...

Can Seth come over and show my kids how to do the laundry? I am constantly amazed how quickly time passes concerning my kids, and have to remind myself all the time just to enjoy them (even in their pre-teen/teen ups and downs!!) Give me a call when you need some company.

Nikki M.

Anonymous said...

Your blog brought to mind days gone by. When my children were young, they said that one would buy the house on one side of us and the other would buy the house on the other side of us so they could stay close to mom and dad. They are now 17 and 19 and can hardly wait to get their own places. Wow!!! How that time flew by. Enjoy these days with Seth!
Church Secretary

Samantha said...

They do grow up so fast! What a great post! Now that he is able to do all that stuff, take advantage of it! Noah loves to help out around the house, Leah hates it, but Noah will do laundry and the garbage, it is such a help!

I also love Andy's comment!


Deanna said...

YES! It does go by WAY TOO QUICKLY!!! True confessions: I get sad every time the boys have a birthday (of course, I AM happy, too.... but there is always a twinge of sadness because it's all going by so fast!) On Aaron's 2nd birthday, I laid beside his crib on the floor and cried. It's hard to believe I'll be sending him to kindergarten in the fall.....

I love you, friend!

Anonymous said...

Can I send Gavin (he will be 4 May 1) over for a little training? Specifically the juice pouring and getting dressed items! He can get dressed it's just easier to let mom/dad do it. ;o)

I can't help but think that he and Seth would have lots of fun when I read your blogs. Isn't this age entertaining, to say the least?

Keeping you in our prayers.

Mandy Kling