Sunday, January 13, 2008

Versed for 2, please!

Kate's been fussing again today. I'm not sure what is going on! At times I think she is fussin' just to fuss! She gets mad and throws her's pretty funny. We are transitioning to oral feedings...and she is doing decently with the formula in the bottle. She never has been a huge fan of the stuff...but for now she seems to be tolerating it if it is really cold.

Nobody is quite sure what is going on...she doesn't seem to be in severe pain...but just plain uncomfortable. I think she is SO done with this place. We have given her some Tylenol and an occasional small dose of Versed! She loves that stuff....and is smiling and happy girl when she gets a dose. It pretty much just takes the edge off and allows her to get some sleep! We left her around 4:30 in hopes that she could get a good nap in.

Speaking of Versed...I think I might have to sneak some for Andy...he's pretty bummed about the Colt's game today. So now I have 2 fussy kids to take care of! (Just kidding, honey....I love you!)

Not much other news to report....just hanging out with our girl...anxiously awaiting tomorrow's meeting.

Love to all


The Portas said...

Hoping for a good visit tomorrow. Sleep well!

Anonymous said...

I know some others who are bummed about the Colts game too!! I hope that your meeting with the Docs tomorrow can bring you some answers if possible. Keep on keeping on and know that the Miller household has you in our prayers every day.


Melissa said...

The Colts game was definately a bummer! I understand Kate's general fussiness. Glad the versed gives her a little relief! Sleep tight sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

We are praying for answers for you both tomarrow as you meet with the doctors and that the Lord will give you guys specific answers in what should be done and that the doctors will know how to best take care of Kate. Praying for a good nights rest for all 3 of you and that you will wake up refreshed for a new day and hopefully some positive news tomarrow. Thinking and praying lots for all of you.
Sheri, Crystal, Ryan and Kevin

Anonymous said...

As always, you are in our prayers. Arrow prayers will be going up all morning for a good visit and for lots of wisdom. I am glad that you are getting to hold and FEED your little princess! God's blessings.


Deanna said...

Hi dear ones!!! Know that we will be lifting you up in our prayers tomorrow! Oh, how I wish I could give ya a great big hug!

You are SO loved!

Kathy said...

We hope you have a good visit tomorrow too! Could you just go ahead and get versed for 4 please!!!
I wish that we lived closer....I'd go and sit at the hospital with you and at the RMH...
I hate (and I never use that word) this roller coaster you guys are on....maybe they'll come up with the "plan" that Kate will agree to. Just put her on the versed drip...make her a happy little princess!

Anonymous said...

Hi KK,

Versed is definitely a wonder drug!! When they gave it to me for my colonoscopy, I was out in about three seconds and had the best sleep ever!! :)

Keep being strong -- I love you!!


Samantha said...

Well, would it hurt that much to put her on the versed all the time??? If it makes the princess happy, I am all for it. Hang in there...I feel for you cannot be easy to be up and down, up and down all the time.

I hear you about the football game...though on this end, it was traumatic that the Cowboys darling husband is still pouting about it this morning...oh, the joys of football season...


L said...

To anonymous:

Versed (aka Midazolam) does not put you to sleep. It is not actually a sedative as the name suggests. It relaxes you and causes you to have amnesia. You only think that you slept through the procedure because you have no memory of it. Actually, your eyes were probably opened and you could talk and move and follow the directions that the medical staff were giving you. Basically, you were a zombie. It's only a wonder drug because it makes you wonder what the heck happened between the time that it was given to you and the time that it started to wear off.