Sunday, January 13, 2008

What it means to be held

Andy writes: Kate continued to be fussy this evening and needed a little bit more medication to help her sleep. We have noticed her breathing is getting more labored and her weight was up today which usually means she is retaining fluids. We plan on getting up and making rounds and later in the day we will meet with her doctors and a medical team who will advise us on future options.
We never know what to think but we are seeing that Kate's ups and not as up and her downs seem to be more down. Please pray for us to have strength and wisdom. We want what is best for Kate. We fear we have tough choices ahead.
We had dinner with a nice lady from Kentucky who shared with us she did not know how people could ever make it through these things without faith in the Lord. Upon losing dad I realize even more that when we leave this world our faith in the Lord is the only thing we can take with us.


Anonymous said...

Andy and Krista,
We along with a multitude of others who love you and trust in our magnificent God, are keeping you in our hearts and continually before God's throne.  Although we are still hoping for the MIRACLE that would bring health and wholeness to Kate, I see in your postings, those daily miracles that keep pulling you back from the brink of hopelessness that seems to constantly threaten to overtake you.  The strength of spirit you are exhibiting each day is surely a gift from God.
We will be praying for Godly wisdom from the doctors tomorrow and that you will experience what it means to be held in God's loving embrace as you seek His direction for Kate's care.
Love and prayers,
Carol and Dennis

Anonymous said...

Andy, here's my comforting thought about "our Colts". Maybe the Lord knew it would be too traumatic for Mom & Dad Manning to have their sons play against each other in the Super Bowl. So, last year was Peyton's turn & this year can be Eli's. GOOD idea??
Actually I said a couple prayers toward the end of the game, but made sure I said, "Kate, first, Lord!" AND Tony Dungy will tell us, "It's only a game!"
Love to all, Paralee

Anonymous said...

Andy & Krista
Gayle and I are praying for you and Kate at this time of decisions. May God bless your meetings with the Doctors tomorrow and help you with answers.
Hugs and love to all of you,
Reen & Gayle

This is our prayer for you--
God, settle my heart and help me to rest in the hope that one day all my questions will be answered as I stand in your presence. Amen.

Melissa said...

Krista and Andy, my heart aches for the pain you feel with watching Kate be uncomfortable. I hope the doctors and medical team can lead you to the answers you need and want. I pray that the Lord is with you and comforts you in whatever Kate's future holds!

Anonymous said...

Andy & Krista--

I continue to pray for strength and wisdom for you and for comfort and healing for Kate.

It is a privilege (as well as a responsibility) to lift you all to the Lord of the Universe.

God bless you all.

Phil Menzie

The Portas said...

Praying for you ALL, constantly..

Anonymous said...

Kate is in my every prayer, as are all of you.

Mandy Kling

Anonymous said...

From my devotion book: Some people would tell you not to ask God questions like, "Why?" I am not one of those people. I believe that asking God "Why?" indicates that we have the faith to know that He, and only He, has the answer. I believe "Why?" is a question that ultimately shows faith. However, once we ask the question, we must be willing to rest in His timing for the answer. For some situations the answer may come fairly quickly, for others, very slowly, and for some, not until we see Him face-to-face. If we trust in the sovereignty of God, we wrestle our way to peace in the knowledge that if an answer if for our highest good, the God who loves us will not withhold it.


Anonymous said...

Bless all of you this day and God give you the strength to deal with your Kate and her fight to gain strength. Many thoughts and prayers are coming your way.

John and Linda S

Fran said...

Hey Sweet Laymans,

It's Fran in Fla just checking in on you and wanting you to know I keep you in my prayers. The devotion, love, strength in your faith and spirit are an inspiration and blessing, though I know you must not know this or feel this at times. Just wanted you to know we care and think of you all...Love to you 4.
Fran and De (Cindy and Cassie)

Anonymous said...

I am praying for your strength and wisdom everytime you cross mind today and that is often.


Anonymous said...

Hello! My name is Emily, and my sister sent me a link to your website! My sister and her husband have dealt with heart problems in my 1 year old nephew. We are blessed that the two surgeries he has had have gone well, and that his one in August will go smoothly as well. I am glad, though, that she has sent me a link to your story, and life, and you will continue to be in my prayers. I actually live about an hour and a half from Ann Arbor and work at a church. So, if you ever need anything, please let me know. ( Although neither my sister nor I have met you, I know we hold a special place in our hearts for your family, and especially Kate.

Anonymous said...

An yet another life that Kate has touched as so obviously stated in your new email friend, Emily. Kate is so much bigger than life. She is a tool for that Someone who is bigger than life.
Comfort and prayers, love and healing,
Tricia H.

Anonymous said...


We are praying for your strength and wisdom in the choises that you and Krista need to make.God is with you at all times.

We are praying for the Doctors and for all the Layman family.

Ray & Karen

Samantha said...

Hi there my friends...just checking in on our sweet princess...I am praying that the docs had wonderful new plans to get our little one all fixed up today.


Anne said...

Hang in there Andy and Krista. Praying for peace and guidance as you made decions.

funkfam1 said...

Love the picture of Kate with her feet in water, only in a hospital do they come up with such cool comforts yet some of the worst moments in your life too. I have been led lately to pray that Kate will go home, either here FW with a miracle or home to Jesus. I seem to be fighting this prayer and this discernment from God. I can't imagine what wrestling like Jacob you must do every day. I know what I would pick, but I must remember God's ways are not our ways and there are not any simple anwers in this situation. Tomorrow they are taking Don Boatwright to Cleveland Clinic for heart surgery so he (almost 90) is the oldest and Kate is the youngest our church is praying for strong hearts for both. May the Lord bless you and keep you, make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you, lift up his countenance and give you peace now and forever. Jesus says he will not leave, so he stands next to her bed at all times good and bad. Will be praying for her from the Holy Land next week. Pastor Jan Funk

Kathy said...

We're praying for you guys...and hope that come up with a plan that Miss Kate will agree to.
I'm glad that you have each other today!

Anonymous said...

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy spirit." Romans 15:13

Anonymous said...

You, Krista, Seth, and Miss Kate are in my Prayers daily.

Kim Rupley

Anonymous said...

Krista & Andy,

We are worrying and praying for Kate, and you, constantly. We pray for comfort and healing for Kate, and strength for the two of you. Although it probably seems like you (and Kate) are all alone in this battle, know that there are hundreds of us thinking of you and lifting you up in prayer.

We love you!

Gina & Ken

Anonymous said...

May God help you and give you strength during this very difficult time. My prayers are for the best for Kate. She has given you both joy and sorrow, and may the memories of the joyful times never leave you. God bless you all. Sharon H.