Monday, January 7, 2008

Which Paci will it be?

So I failed in my video making skills tonight....but my star was in rare form. Stupid me to think the movie would change if I turned the camera...I tried to rotate it but I couldn't figure it out.'re stuck with a sideways...too long...but TOO CUTE video of Kate. She just cracked me up and I had no idea 4 minutes had passed. I just had to share it...with those of you who have the patience and ability to either turn your computer screen...or tilt your head! I promise more videos...and I will keep the camera in the correct position. If you have the'll see a couple smiles later on in the video! Kate and I had a great night together!


Vanessa said...

Arianna does the same thing. It cracks me up! Its good to see Kate up and playing. She is such a trooper. I really hope you guys get out of ICU soon, that means one more step to going home. But ssshhhh, dont tell Kate!

Debbie said...

Who needs high priced Hollywood writers when we have the antics of Kate to watch. I loved the video. Wonderful way to start off my day.


Melissa said...

Joshua and I enjoyed watching all four minutes and 24 seconds of Kate's game while waiting for the bus this morning. She looks great! How nice it is to see her happy an playing!

Anonymous said...

It's great to see Kate playing, sitting up and smiling! What a cutie! Keep producing, Krista...your work is wonderful!:)

Anonymous said...

Seth is still asleep, Andy is at work, Mama (the cat) and I are watching the Princess Katherine in her video.
It's going to be a good day!
Love, Cathy

Anonymous said...

You had me in tears today - of laughter!!! I think you should send that one to AFV.

Kate looks great! Keep up the great mothering.

Pam H

Anonymous said...

I loved every minute of the video. She is such a cutie. I agree with Cathy it is a good day.

Who needs to rent a movie when we have Kate?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely so very precious!! Thank you for sharing. Kate is adorable.

Kim Tinker

Anonymous said...

I love the video.Watched it over and over.Kate has a
mind of her own!!Love to see her trying to make up
her mind on the Paci.I liked your sideways video
today.I had a treatment today and I just leaned my
head on my hand and rested while I watched our
little Princess Kate.
Love and Prayers for all,Marilyn
P.S.Hi Cathy,prayers and love to you,too.

Anonymous said...

Wow a new sport for infants! Paci Juggleing! Not Olympic caliber, but definitely primetime... especially with the writers strike on... She is such a ham.