Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Busy Fun Days!

It's been a busy couple day...busy, but fun! of my bestest friends (and her 3 kids) came from Indy to spend the day with us! It was amazing that all 4 kids stayed upstairs and played very contently while Sharyn and I got to sit on the couch and gab! Melanee even came by for lunch...and brought yummy subs with her! How awesome is that? The kids came strolling downstairs around lunchtime...but then after a few bites...were good to go for a couple hours! I never knew that 5 hours could fly by as fast as they did! It was awesome to just chat, Sharyn...why do you live so far away???? And I'm still in shock at how well they all played...and how grateful I am for a playroom!

Ava, Clay, Seth and Mason!

Then...the snow storm came...and Andy was home for a snow day on Tuesday! We had a lot of fun outside in the 8-9 inches of snow...once Andy got it all blown! I even cooked an all-out dinner with cranberry glazed pork loin, garlic mashed potatoes AND imitation Garlic cheese biscuits from Red Lobster! YUM YUM! Andy kept asking what the occasion was....just cause I love you hon!!
Building the snowman...don't you just love that smile?Enough snow this time for a snow tunnel...aren't you jealous Kathy?The whole fam...aren't we so cute...I know...enough with the spray paint already! But who has coal and long carrots sitting around the house anymore? Notice my authentic womanly curves?

Today...more playing with another great friend, Gina...and her two kids (and her sister and her 2 kids)...but this time we headed to Burger King...I'm still amazed at how much fun 5 kids can have in an enclosed play area with just some tunnels and a slide...more time for girl chat!

Then...I worked out and took Seth swimming at the Y. By tonight...he was one worn out little guy! And tomorrow...the cousins! Check back for pictures of our next adventure!


Melissa said...

Great snowmen! We got no snow when you got 8-9". Amazing how much 2 hours difference can make in the weather. Glad you had a lot of fun visiting with your friends. It's amazing how revived I feel after a little adult conversation.

Next time you're in the mood to cook a full dinner, my kitchen is always open!

Love the snowmen!

Anne said...

I love the snow pictures, but can honestly say I like the sunshine and mid 60's here today! Indiana is a great place to visit for us now, but I love my Texas climate. At least until mid July when you can hardly breath!
I hope you enjoyed the time with your friends!