Saturday, February 2, 2008

Christmas in February

We celebrated Christmas today with my family. Back in December....we had agreed to wait and have it when Kate came home! It was felt guilty for laughing and smiling and having fun! But we did...thanks to 3 little boys pretty excited about getting more presents. It's been several years since we have actually opened all the presents with all the boys...and now we remember's crazy. 3 little guys who can't wait to get their hands on their gifts!\

We got a great stash....just a few highlights: Seth...a new trash truck! can never have too many of those! And....a real rocket you shoot up in the sky....he is really into rockets right now! Can't wait to set that off with him! Andy got some tools, Colts gear and a new grill cover! I got some kitchen stuff...and $$ for a NEW CAMERA! Yeah..I'm so excited...ours is shot so I can't wait to go shopping! And...the family came away with a zoo pass for next summer! Thanks Nana and Oompa and the Kings...for spoiling us!

Playing with all the boxes and least with their new trash trucks!

Elijah and Lucas with their new Colts football...they were pretty geeked about that one!

We had our traditional Christmas Eve meal fixed by Oompa...delicious as always! And...yummy NC shrimp (thanks Art & Reen) And...we had to throw in some birthday celebrations...for my brother Doug (Jan. 19) and for Andy (Feb. 11).

Can you guess who put the candles on the cake....just a little lopsided!!
After some major paper clean-up...the boys headed outside for some sledding! It was the perfect night for that! We left Seth and the boys with Nana and Oompa for a slumber party...if you hear know where they are headed.

Andy is still fightin' the nasties! He was a real trooper though...and put his best foot forward today! He left early...and when I got home...he was fightin' a fever! Poor thing! So...I'm camping out downstairs with a couple movies and my thank you cards...while he snorts and sniffs upstairs!

We had our moments of tears today....when Nana pulled out our yearly Christmas ornament gifts...and it was a little pink angel...and another one "from Kate" that said..."sometimes angels are disguised as mothers!" Then...when 6 year old Elijah said the prayer at dinner and mentioned how bad he felt about us losing our baby Kate! Kate we sure did miss you today...we needed some little girlie things amidst all those trucks! You would have loved watching those silly boys...hope you got a bird's eye view from heaven!

Besides immensely missing our baby was a good, fun February...without a tree...but at least we had the snow! The best part...we were together!


Kathy said...

What a have Christmas in February!!
You know....If you had Christmas at my tree is still up!! I know...I know...what a slacker! Joe brought the boxes in today for me to put them away...but, the day got away from me.
Keep going like you're going...You're doing great! Kate is watching you and hugging you everytime you feel sad. Get Seth to pick up all the trash in your house with that new truck of his tomorrow!
Hope Andy starts feeling better...he just needs some of your smooching!!! Get to it!

Anonymous said...

It was a great day. And I only had to go downstairs twice to calm the boys down for bed, and they are all sleeping in the same bed! We did niss our sweet Kate though. I got one of those picture frames that scrolls through digital pictures and there were lots of pictures of Kate to see during the day. Such a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

sounds like Christmas was wonderful even in February. It was fun to have snow and family time to make it special.
Sorry to hear Andy is still not feeling 100%.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the kids had a good time. Kate was there in spirit with you guys. Glad that you could have some fun in the midst of the sadness. Praying that Andy will get well soon. Maybe he needs to get on some antibiotics. At any rate take good care of him and keep smiling.

LeeAnne said...

Glad you had a great time and shared some laughs as well as tears. I am sure Kate enjoyed watching from her view. Let Andy know prayers are going out to him to feel better!

Melissa said...

How fun. Now make sure the kids know they get to do it again in 10 months! Glad you had a good time, admist a few understandable tears! I'm sure Kate was smiling down on you all and loved seeing you enjoy yourselves. Hope Andy feels better soon and that Nana and Oompa made it through the night with the boys.

Anonymous said...

On my Colorado trip, I saw a sign in a restaurant (on the day of Kate's service---coincidence?? No, God made me notice it....) that said, "It matters not how long a star shines, but how BRIGHTLY!" Kate's star will always be the brightest!! Paralee

Anonymous said...

Thank you for blessing us "blog readers" with the events of Kate's death that Tues. morning. So thankful that it was peaceful. Jesus certainly just reached down and carried her into heaven. Thanks also for sharing the joyful pictures of your Christmas in Feb. Those little boys are precious.

Samantha said...

I am so glad that you were able to enjoy your February Christmas...nothing better than having the snow to play in. I am sure that you did have mixed emotions, but I know that Kate was there watching over you all.

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

My heart remains broken for you. I know that Kate will always be smiling down on all of you, especially her beloved brother Seth. She will see that his and your future dreams become a reality.

The Portas said...

Merry February Christmas! Kate was definitely watching from above, as she played with her girly toys. :) What a nice thought. I'm glad you guys had a nice time. The prayer that little Elijah said about Kate made my heart ache. How precious.