Saturday, February 16, 2008

The cutest ever!!


Anonymous said...

Is that the cutest kid ever?



Melissa said...

He is quite cute, that's for sure. I always used to think he looked like Andy, but in a few of those pics, he definately has Krista's smile! You have a future heartbreaker on your hands! Watch out world.

Anonymous said...

That definatelly is the cutest kid. Thanks for
sharing the pictures.

Ray & Karen

The Portas said...

You ARE in trouble. That smile is wonderful. I love the stack of bubbles on the head. So cute. Thanks so much for sharing!


Kathy said...

Look how much fun you guys had!!!
Someone has TOO many bath toys!!! My boys don't let me anywhere near the bathtub anymore!!! Only little Isaac...and he can't really play with bath toys yet!
You will definately have to beat the ladies off him!!!
Thanks for sharing the pics!

Vanessa said...

What a doll!!! Better watch out Krista! He looks so much like Andy in these pictures. You have such a handsome lil' man.


rachel said...

hahahah, YES he is ...

everytime i see pictures of seth, i can't decide if he looks more like you or andy ... i keep changing my mind :) he's just a perfect combination. and reeeeally cute :D

Anonymous said...

Krista -- Seth's facial expressions are PRICELESS. Your photos are Excellent and the music selection is right on target! Great Video. Great Mom. Great Kid. :) :)

Love and Hugs, Susan
Southeastern Pennsylvania

Samantha said...

He is adorable. I agree that there is A LOT of you in Seth. The very first picture I said to myself how he looks just like you. You will have to beat the girls off when he gets older with that big smile!

We have about that many bath toys too...I actually had to finally throw some away recently. They were just devastated...and yet, they still have too many.

I hope that you are staying warm.


Anonymous said...

Adorable...simply delightful!:)

Anonymous said...


Love the slide show of Seth!! He is adorable. Look out girls...

I read back a few days and was so touched by your post on CHD and CHD awarness. I teared up thinking of what you went through and what my parents went through with me 33 years ago when I was born. I know it was a stuggle for them and things were so much different then. I am blessed to be a CHD success story. To me an annual visit to the cardiologist is "normal" and a yaearly echo is the same as my yearly pap. I get a kick out of being the yougest at my cardiologist's office and having the eldery patients give me a once over as if I stumbled into the wrong office.

Bless all the doctors, nurses, technicians, and support staff that work with CHD families. Without them, I don't know how my parents would have made it and without them, I wouldn't be here today.

Your little Kate was an angel from above to help those out there that don't realize how real it is to better understand. She is a reminder of how far treatments have come and but yet how complex the human body still is. Knowing Kate's story has helped to revive my own awarness, as being "normal" now leads me to forget about my CHD except for that yearly visit.

Your family is very special and holds a dear place in my heart (backwards as it may be...ha ha).

Continue prayers and blessings for you all!

In God's peace and love,
Kim Tinker

Mina said...

Adorable, Seth is really going to be a heartbreaker!

LeeAnne said...

Very cute. Some pics he looks like delightful dolphin. Some he looks like a scary shark. Yet in some...a very silly fishy! VERY CUTE!!!!