Sunday, February 3, 2008

Extravaganza Continues

I've got a question for ya:

What do you get when you take 3 cousins...have them celebrate Christmas, go sledding, play with new toys, have a slumber party...and sleep in the same bed, wake up way too early, play with more toys and then go sledding again..... (scroll down!)

And the other one was zonked as the 3rd row! Way too cute!

The fun continued even after yesterday's festivities. I went to my parents house at 1 and found the boys playin' hard...still in their jammies! We got dressed and the boys, Nana, Oompa and me all headed to one of the local premiere sledding hills! I remember going there years (and I mean YEARS) ago...It was a total blast for seasoned sledders like Elijah and Lucas...a little bumpy and fast for beginners like Seth...but he did do well! I even took 2 rides down...and I have a feeling I'm going to be feeling it tomorrow...I hit some good bumps! It was fun!

And...the fun didn't stop....the extravaganza was topped off with dinner and playtime at Burger King. Finally, around 7:30...I brought a VERY TIRED...and VERY CRANKY....and VERY MOODY little guy home! I thought for sure he would be out for the count at 8....nope...he was still wide awake till at least 10:30! He was one wound up little guy!

As for's probably going to be a late night...considering I slept till NOON! I can't believe I am even making that public...but boy did it feel great to just roll over and go back to sleep...again and again and again!

Andy is still fighting his sick fact, this morning he went to Redimed for some meds...the verdict: sinus infection! But...his fever keeps coming back and he got some major coughing going on. He's taking a sick day tomorrow and more day of rest and he will be good to go!

We're excited that the Giants won the game! How awesome is that the Manning brothers have back to back championships...what a great family!


Anonymous said...

My reasoning about the Colts losing actually came true! Who woulda thought it??! Peyton looked more nervous during this game than he did in last year's Super Bowl!
Hope Andy feels much better SOON! And Krista, I coulda told ya that sleepin' until noon is GREAT! Paralee

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness, how much fun have those boys had in the last day or so huh? Sounds like Seth needs to sleep til noon today! Glad Andy got some antibiotics for his yuckies. Hopefully he won't spread it to you and Seth!

As for the Giants winning, all I can say is go Eli! I was so glad to see the underdog win this one! Not to mention it was awesome to see the Manning brothers win two back to back super bowls!

The Portas said...

Wasn't it a great end of the game? We weren't necessarily cheering for either team, but how could you not cheer for the giants with that great ending?

The sledding looks so fun! I want to take Elijah sledding but I think we'll have to wait till next year. :( Get better, all of you!

Kathy said...

You know...I took a nap during most of the game...but, it was a happy ending...I did catch that part. Do you know that I've never been sledding! We grew up near the coast of, if we got snow, it was a little..and there were no big hills. It looks like SO much fun! Our temps are getting up to 60 this week!! I'll turn the heater on in the pool if you want to come over for a swim!
I had a stinky sinus infection that knocked me out for about 2 just settles in your chest and you cough forever...tell Andy to get some rest and take care of himself!

Anonymous said...

Hey Krista,

I've been lurking for the past week, but haven't got around to posting. I'm glad you were able to enjoy your Christmas in February, though I'm sure it was bittersweet with missing Kate. It sounds like the boys had a wonderful time. I bet it makes you wish you had cousins your age when you were growing up!

Just wanted to let you know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you are beginning to get some sleep at night, though I can imagine it still must be really tough. I can't begin to relate to what must be feeling missing your angel. I hope you are finding peace and comfort as the days pass.

On a lighter note, let's get together for another playdate soon. Mya and Jayden had fun playing with Seth last week!

Hope Andy is better and that you and Seth stay healthy!