Friday, February 22, 2008

News of the Day

Just a few quick words to catch everyone up on our lives...really not much going on...just living day at a time.

Seth's current obsession has gone to a whole new today we picked up the Shrek soundtracks from the library and got them on his "IPOD" We picked out just his 9 favorite songs...and it's ALL he has been listening to! His little player is portable and he carries it with him where ever he goes! It's really kind of cute...listening to my 3 year old sing along to Counting Crows. Here's a glimpse of our life 24-7...okay maybe only 14/7...he does sleep!
Note: I couldn't figure out how to get the link on this post...see next post!

As far as me...I'm proud of myself for getting to the Y this week and actually getting my heartrate up. I don't think I have truly raised it (besides in an "my daughter is in ICU" way) since before Kate was born. I've got my MP3 all downloaded and actually am enjoying working out to some upbeat praise and worship! I met my great friend Melanee...and girl talk can just make the time fly! Hopefully soon...I'll be able to see the payoff from my hard work! I did finish tackling Kate's room Thursday when Seth was at school. Mainly I worked on the clothes...the darling darling dresses she never got to wear! I've had two very generous Gina's pass on their girl's clothing to she was always dressed to the hilt! But I'm sure her heavenly crown and wings are more beautiful than any dress I packed away.

Andy is getting back in the swing of things at work...but enjoyed just a 1/2 day (even without kids) today. It was nice to have him home this afternoon...even though we just "hung out" and listened to Shrek music! He is being so generous and sharing his birthday present from his mom with us tomorrow.

The 3 of us are headed to the waterpark at Shipshewana. We've heard it's lots of fun from our friends who have been. brother told me I need to get a tattoo before I go or I will feel really out of place! Cathy was very generous and got us (well, really Andy) 2 days at the park, a hotel room and breakfast (and even extra money for gas and food!) Thanks grandma!

We'll post pictures on Sunday! Hope you all have a great weekend!


Melissa said...

I just started seeing the waterpark at Shipshewana being advertised, looks like a good time. We have an indoor waterpark at the Holiday Inn here in Indy that I've been wanting to take Joshua to. Hope you all have a fabulous time!!

Samantha said...

okay...found the part about the water could I have missed that one? i must be going blind in my 32 years.

love ya!