Thursday, February 21, 2008


It always amazes me about the things that can fasicinate a child. I love a newborn who discovers his/her hands and becomes just mesmorized by them...watching them, moving them...discovering that "hey these belong to me!" As the child grows...these fascinations seems to turn into obsessions.

Seth has had his share...they last a couple months...and then he moves onto something new! But when he's in one of his "obsessions modes"...there is very little else he will even talk about!

I remember his 1st real obsession was with his "guys!" They were all his movable, posable action heroes and miscellaneous figurines. He would take his "guys" with him everywhere...including the bathtub where he had to give each one (at least 20) a complete bath! His "guys" had to be lined up in bed each night...and each morning we would move the bed to find the missing "guys" who had escaped.

The "guys" in the backpack...and giving them a bath!

Then...the next major one...TRASH! I'm sure you're all aware of this it has lasted longer than most "kid" obsessions. I think I can report that the "obsession level" is dying down...but there still is an underlying LOVE for trash and recycing. I remember those days he played trash EVERYDAY and had to dump all the trash onto the couch and move it to the dump....or the times we would find every single toy from the playroom...piled in the "landfill" on the other side of the room!

Playing trashman with every toy in the house!
And how many times did we have to wait for the trash truck to come?

Well...I think we have moved onto the next obsession! SHREK! The kid loves everything to do with the movies! (Editorial note: only Shrek 1 & 2 as the 3rd one was a complete disappointment!) It has been his only movie of choice for the past couple weeks...of course his Valentine's were Shrek...and now he has discovered (with a little help from mom and dad!) that the computer and Youtube offers all kinds of new Shrek Possibilities. The other 3 year old was singing Smash Mouth and Counting Crows in the store (they sing the opening songs to the 2 movies, in case you didn't know!) His favorite character is "Puss In Boots" and he goes around the house making hissing noises! It's pretty darn cute...but really, how many times will I have to endure those movies! Andy should be proud...his favorite scenes...the rescue scenes when Shrek comes back for Fiona!

So...I'm sure this will last a while....and then we'll move onto the next obsession! Just as long as it is a long long time before that becomes GIRLS! Just curious...any obsessions with your kids out there in "blogworld?"


Vanessa said...

I just love the obession pics. I'm sure your glad the trash obession is over. He he! I think you opened a whole new can of worms with the youtube possibilities. What where you thinking?!?! I know what you mean about obessions thought, my nephew is OBSESSED with power rangers. He used the same halloween costum 2 years in a row. Arianna was really into Dora there for awhile, then Elmo, but lately she is too happy just walking around the house she doesn't have time to stay focused on one thing too long. It's always a joy to check up on you guys. Seth is so lucky to have a mommy like you.


Melissa said...

Oh my, your comments bring back memories. Joshua went through similar fazes. His seemed to be Toy Story (Buzz lightyear was his favorite), Shrek (we still listen to the Shrek 2 soundtrack in the car and he knows every word), Spiderman, we have each movie. Luckily these obsessions don't last very long because he would wear out the movies!

Thanks for sharing. Enjoy him! He'll grow up way too fast!

Anonymous said...

Does he need the Shrek 1 & 2 soundtracks? Tell Andy to email me at work and I will get you copies. We listen to them in the car almost daily! They are better than some of the other options... ;o) Mandy Kling

The Portas said...

I was laughing so hard, reading about all of his obsessions. I love that he bathed his guys, every one of them. How funny! And the trash? Hee heeee... :)

No obsessions yet for Mr. Elijah. It'll be fun to see those develop.

Deanna said...

Aaron is currently completely obsessed with American Gladiators. Thank goodness has the shows on there.... he plays the games at the website.... and asks to play "American Gladiators" at our house, too (we have a little obstacle course set up in the basement!) Too funny.... I took a video of it the other day, preparing to blog about the obsession at our house, too!

Sorry I can't offer any help on the spell-check issue.... hmmm....

SARA said...

Cute pics...aren't obsessions great! They are really such character buliders. Kal has had an obsession with being a superhero. The "big kids" in the youth group as well as pretty much anyone now days calls him "Super Kal". We were having an alarm system installed a few weeks ago and, of course, my talkative almost 4-year-old had to tell the installer that we were a superhero family and he explained everybody's powers (which mine is running from the bad guys). The man just played along with him, which was cool, but I could not help but chuckle a little bit. As long a he is not 16 and telling everybody that he is a superhero and insists that he is going to "save the day"! LOL. I love it!

Anne said...

My youngest daughter is totally obsessed with DORA! I mean everything is Dora. The other day at preschool her teacher asked her who she loved, her answer, "Dora." Not mommy, who by the way teaches right next door, or her sister or daddy, no DORA! I also used Dora to potty train her. When she would go poop in the potty she would be able to watch Dora. It took about a week to get her potty trained. I always tell people Dora potty trained my child! I think obessions for kids are great!

The Baileys said...

Last year Lauren had an obsession with the Backyardigans. She insisted her name was Uniqua and we actually had to call her that! She called me Tasha, David was Tyrone, Zachary was Pablo, and Riley the dog was Austin. She still likes the Backyardigans, but I was very glad when the obsession ended!

Anonymous said...

My youngest daughter watched Mary Poppins so much we all could quote any part of the movie from memory! Kids like structure and familiarity. Don't we all?

Jim N

Samantha said...

Well...I will give you an obsession of Noah's...FEET! Watch out world...he loves feet! I find him taking off Leah & Micah's socks to look at their toes all the time...he also investigates his toes all the time!

I love your stories about Seth's obsessions and that you have pictures to back it all up! Too cute!

I hope you are having a wonderful SIL just wrote and said that all it does in IN is snow...I hope you are keeping warm!


Anonymous said...

Oh Krista -

What memories. Matthew (he's now 20) watched Peter Pan so many times that at one point in my life I knew it by memory!

Shelly Ladwig

Kathy said...

You know that Isaac is addicted to Yo Gabba Gabba. He screams at us now if we turn it off...and just whines until we turn it back on. He will not watch another's the craziest thing!!
Shrek sounds like a lot easier to deal with than the trash! Good luck with his next one!!!