Friday, February 1, 2008

Snowman and Sickman!

We got our snow day! Seth and I had some fun playing and building our snowman! Seth had the great idea to put giant gumballs as his eyes and nose...but they just wouldn't stay in the snow. It's weird packs great...but hard to roll and manipulate! So...we ended up spray painting his face...oh worked!

As far as Andy's snow least he didn't have to use a sick day. He is still feeling pretty rotten and snowblowing the driveway about wore him out! We're looking forward to a fire tonight and watching a movie...and just relaxing under a warm blankie!
We're having "Christmas" tomorrow with my I also have presents to wrap and desserts to make!


LeeAnne said...

Cute snowman, but Seth is cuter! Sorry to hear Andy is sick! Poor guy! Hope he feels better soon! We were suppose to get lots of snow...but didn't. Just some ICE! They delayed school for 2 hours. (Lynzi's preschool was delayed an hour.) I am glad we didn't get all that snow...but YIKES to the ICE! Have a good "Christmas" tomorrow!

Kathy said...

Merry Christmas!!!
I love the snowman!!! You's almost 60 here...we'll NEVER have a snowman!
Nothing like making your husband plow snow off the driveway to make him start purking up!! Joe and I were just talking about how lucky we are that we've never had to shovel snow. You guys need a winter getaway!!! (where it's warm!)
Have fun tomorrow!

Mel said...

Seth - you are one smart boy. Gumdrops were a great idea, and I must say I've never heard of anyone spray-painting on a snowman. Very creative!

Speaking of, I have to share an "out of the mouth of babes" story. Tonight my six-year old had a major melt-down complete with "I could't be more mad at you, dad!". Tonight at bed time (with the same child, now calm, cute, and sweet) I explain how that behavior is sin because the Bible says that children need to honor and obey their parents. I then explain that Jesus never sinned, but he paid for all of our sins when He died on the cross.

So, my little darling says, "I know why Jesus never sinned. He didn't have a mom and dad.".

Anonymous said...

We have been out of contact since we left on Wednesday for Florida, but the first thing I did when I finally got the laptop hooked up was to check the blog. I'm glad Seth is having fun in the snow, at school, and with life in general. So sorry Andy is sick. My daughter in law and grandson in Dayton have a bad bug that has had them down all week. There were seven kids home sick in Jessica's fifth grade class. Hopefully the Indiana version of the bug will run its course without getting to you and Seth.
We will be enjoying the beach for the next month, and thanking God for being able to enjoy such beauty. However, we will continue to think of you and keep you in our prayers. Linda D.