Monday, February 25, 2008

That's My Dad!

Today it was officially announced that my dad can add yet another teaching award to his stack! He was named outstanding Advanced Placement Teacher for the State of Indiana. He is listed in USA Today in honor of his accomplishments! Here is a blurb from the foundation website that honored him!
Teachers with a minimum of 5 years of teaching experience in math, science or technology AP courses are selected for their exemplary teaching and enthusiastic dedication to students and the AP program!

And of all the teachers in Indiana...that's MY DAD

He is no stranger to addition to being the Fort Wayne Community School Teacher of the Year in 1986...he also received the 1st ever Christa McAuliffe Award from the Aerospace Education Foundation in 1986.

He is an amazing teacher....and even a more amazing dad and Oompa! LOVE YOU! I'm so proud of are one dedicated teacher!


Mel said...

Yeah - I get to be the first to congratulate Mr. King! Teachers are such a huge blessing - even teachers that give up a classroom to be a huge positive influence on their own kids - just like Krista and Todd and so many others have done. Thank you all for teaching our children.

Melissa said...

That's wonderful! Congratulations Mr. King. The world definately needs excellent and dedicated teachers! Joshua's teachers have already made a huge impact on his life, and his school career is just beginning.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Mr. King, on recognition well earned and well deserved!!!

Best Wishes, Susan
Mira's Mom
Southeastern Pennsylvania

The Portas said...

What a wonderful honor! That says a whole lot about him. He must be an outstanding person (as well as an outstanding teacher!). YAY! Congrats!

Judy Davis said...

Hi Krista, We found out about your Dad's award on Friday evening and certainly thinks that he deserves it! That was so nice of you to post it on your blog. Hugs,
Judy & Charlie

LeeAnne said...

Great! You aren't proud of him at all. I wish you would show more excitement, Krista! HA! Tell him congrats!!!

Kathy said...

Congratulations Mr. King!!!
Thanks for the phone call. You made my night. that I know you're a night owl...we can chat all the time!!
You call me ANYTIME!
Many hugs,

Anonymous said...

And he's a pretty good tuba player as well!!!!

Way to go Ted!

Vanessa said...

Thats awesome! You sound like such a proud daughter. We need more teachers like your father.

Anonymous said...

Dads are very special people and I congratulate Mr. King on his accomplishments both in the classroom and at home...he helped raise one terrific daughter! :)