Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wacky Day

Wacky Day at Preschool
I was quite amazed that the little guy was willing to go along with it all. At first he didn't want to wear the bathing suit...but right before we left, he ran upstairs and put it on! He won't tell me much more about "Wacky Day" other than the carpet squares were upside down!
And while he was at preschool...I went and got my new camera! Yeah...look out now, the photos will be "exceptional" least if I can figure the whole thing out!


Anonymous said...

HI Seth looks so cute! Thanks for sharing. Linda Creek

Melissa said...

What a great picture! Keep that one around for when he has his first girlfriend! Glad you got a new camera! Have fun figuring it out!

Deanna said...

Yahoo for a new camera.... and what an adorable pic, too (whether it was on the old one or the new!) What kind did you end up getting?!

Anonymous said...

Hey Seth looks so cute in the combo. It is fun when they can do fun things like that at school. Keep smiling and having fun with Seth. Glad you got your new camera and hope you have lots of fun with it and share lots of pictures with us.

Kathy said...

Tell Seth that next time he should wear the flippers and face mask...that's how we ROLL in Vegas!!!
He looks so funny...glad he wanted to be silly and have fun with it.
My goofballs are always telling me it's opposite day (or some other day they make up) to wear silly creations! be young again!

The Portas said...

Sounds like a secret club! I'm glad he had fun with wacky day. Why can't we have wacky days?? Adults are so boring.

jmckeel said...

Hi Krista,
I know I've been away. I caught up on the posts. Please go back and read the comment I posted on "That Morning". I sure would love some of that snow here in NC. We got teased a few weeks ago. Just a TRACE. Little Seth is sooo cute. Take care, Abby McKeel

Anonymous said...

Hello from Berne,
Been keeping up on your "Scoop". Glad you are still posting. Seth looks like he's having fun with school. Spencer never told us much more than that either, and still doesn't. It's a male thing I think!!
Enjoy that new camera.
Hope Andy's continuing to get better. It seems to want to hang on this winter.
Probably coming to FW Saturday for wrestling semi-state.
Take care,
Tricia H.