Sunday, February 24, 2008

Waterpark Wonders

We're back...and overall had a great time. We got into town at noon...ate a great lunch...did some shopping...Seth rode the carousel...and then headed to the water park/hotel. We were a little overwhelmed when we first got there...having to wait in the check-in line for 45 minutes. Our room still wasn't ready, but we were able to get into the park! Evidently...3:00 on a Saturday afternoon, in the dead of winter in when EVERYONE wants to be at the water park! It was quite crowded....but we donned our suits and went for it! Seth had an awesome is pretty much geared for kids his age (mom and dad had fun too!)
We took advantage of the water park and spent a lot of time there. He loved all the slides...loved just splashing and swimming around the toddler pool...and even took a few laps around the lazy river with us. As long as water is involved...Seth is pretty much guaranteed to have a great time. That was the best part of the whole trip...just watching Seth and the smile on his face...and hearing him say: "one more time!"
The hotel was very nice...after we waited in line another 30 minutes to get our hotel room key. But...things died down around dinner time and the place was reasonable today. We (well Grandma) treated ourselves to a great Amish style dinner last night and gorged ourselves on the breakfast buffet this morning before heading back for more water fun!
And the little guy...I don't know how he did it! He finally fell asleep at 3 am Friday night...woke up at 7:45...and went non-stop all day at the park and didn't go down until 10:30 Saturday night! And the best part...he wasn't even grumpy...just a little rambunctious in some of the shops...but what 3 year would want to look in craft stores?

I took a few pictures...they aren't very good...and I was limited in where I could even get my there is a giant bucket of water that dumps a HUGE amount of water every 2 minutes or so in Seth's favorite area! The little guy wasn't too interested in stopping what he was doing to indulge his mommy and her camera.

Seth is really getting good at swimming with his face in the water...even if it's only 8 inches deep!

Something about these...he loved them! I think it was a control issue when he could move them!

Can you find him?

Daddy and Seth ready to come down the slides!

Here were are again...he LOVED these!

Coming down the slide...under the waterfall! What fun!


LeeAnne said...

WOW! Sounds like a pretty neat place. I REALLY like that last picture! It is just different! Funny, Gene and I never heard of this place until I read it on your blog the other day. Then we saw a commercial for it tonight. We looked for you in the commercial...but they didn't show the people waiting in the lines! HA! Glad you had a good time!

Kathy said...

YEAH...glad you guys had fun and NO grumpy pants! brave would find my white bum in a swim suit in the middle of winter (but, i guess everyone there has a white bum..huh??)
just cracking myself's late!
Seriously....glad you made it there and back with no crazy stories to tell!!!
Have a fun week ... now, rest from your little vacation!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you guys had a great time. Seth definatly was having a blast. Glad he wasn't cranky for you on Sat. He was probably just so excited about this trip and the pool etc that he had a hard time getting to sleep. Well I hope you have a good week. Praying for you guys and thinking of you lots.
Sheri for us four

Melissa said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Glad Seth was able to stay in a good mood despite little sleep! Hope you all got some good sleep tonight!!

Samantha said...

Wow...that looks like tons of fun! I am impressed with how well he puts his head in the water...Noah and Leah won't even think about it! You have a little fish on your hands! What a fun break for you I will have to go reread your previous posts, because I don't remember anything about waterparks...guess I got fixated on the spring break cabin vacation. I love the picture of the foot in the slide...where that is all you can see. I am so happy you enjoyed deserve it so much!

Lots of love,

The Portas said...

Oh, what fun! Waterparks are SO FUN for kids. I can't believe what a trooper Seth was with so little sleep. I'd be a monster! I'm glad you had a good time. Thanks for sharing the pics!

Vanessa said...

I'm so glad you guys had a good time. Seth sure looked like he had fun.